Who’s Conning Who?

     Ever know anyone “hit” by a con man, or to be pc, con person? Really sad when its an elderly person robbed of their
life savings. Their hard work and dedication for years ending in a life of poverty and struggle. Known a single mom to miss a few meals so her kids could eat? Because of a “friend” that took
advantage? Many scenarios, all just as sad. Thats the problem with the whole “robin hood” excuse. Thieves have used it as a reason to “better” themselves for hundreds of years. Anyone who has
more than them is a target, Damn those rich bastards. How would it set if it was your Grandma that was the target? …

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Do You Really Know Where You Stand?

     I was talking to a guy a work the other day and he was echoing a view i’ve heard too many times over
the last year, but like so many other conservatives I know these days, he was standing there praising the democrats and cursing the republicans for the mess the country is in. I ask him if he
had voted for Obama and he said yes, it was time we had a change … so for all you I have heard say such things I ask that you consider:

1. Would you grant late term abortions for all reasons?
2. Do you support banning gun rights?
3. Do you like Big Brother involved …

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