Straddling the Fence

meet in the middle, work out the common ground. Usually sound advice in business but does it apply to moral issues? A very wise man once said, “There is right and there is wrong, straddling the fence
just gives you a sore crotch” … one of my favorites. Salary negotiations, sure. Legal contract wording, absolutely. Several cases where trying to compromise are necessary and good. Sometimes,
however, this gets you walking with a limp. Some issues are not meant to be compromised.

     Conservatives are ridiculed for being polarizing. News flash for the
libs, it’s called having a back bone and standing up for what we believe. Granted you might not understand, it doesn’t …

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Tactical Diversions

     So Specter
becomes a Democrat. His causes renounced by his constituents, he admits he can’t be elected again as a republican. Joe Biden confesses he has been “recruiting” Specter for 5 yrs now. Here’s the real
story. After 29 years in the Senate, Specters supporters have bailed on him for being part of the problem on the hill. His failure to represent the beliefs of those who elected him has cost him the
votes to be elected again. Easy answer for him, instead of doing the right thing and representing his voters, he’ll just switch parties so he can support what he wants instead. Of course, the
liberals jumped on the chance. With a 60 member majority they can wage unfettered changes on the country. Wouldn’t be …

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Fly By

     Several topics
tossed around for tonight. There is the exposure of the liberal leaders knowledge of water boarding in 2002, followed by the Pelosi 2-step.  I figure she made herself look stupid enough on that
one without my help. Then there is the global pandemic  fear and the hundreds of millions its costing, yet the White House downplays it as only a concern, nothing to get all freaky about, just
cautious. Strange since other nations are going to extremes like I’ve never seen before in my life. Since public safety is involved I’m going to hold my tongue on this one for now and hope I’m wrong.

     Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a …

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Jobs By the Millions

     Economy is bad, think we’re all aware of that by now, and I’m surprised
that no one has yet to bring up the easiest way to employ millions of Americans. Funny part is it could be implemented in days, not months. The issue has been approached from an expense perspective
by several, but the affect on the job front has been generally ignored.

     Depending on your source, 11 to 20 million illegal immigrants working in
the country today. For arguments sake let’s say 11 million. 12 million or more unemployed Americans. Do the math. Ok, for this time let’s forget all the other illegals issues. 11 million jobs. Let it
sink in a bit …….


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Protecting Us From Who?

     So let’s prosecute the ones that tortured our enemy.  Evil Bush
bastards. Imagine the gall to think it might be ok to intimidate someone into divulging how they were planning on killing people. Making someone think you might drown them if they don’t help stop
killing makes us worse than the poor misguided oppressed that lop of people’s heads and blow themselves up in crowds of women and children. Those who have protected us deserve scrutiny and
suspicion; those who murder deserve support and encouragement.

     Yes, coming from me this is sarcasm, coming from a liberal it’s the gospel (so to speak). This is
what our government is proposing to do. No kidding. Pelosi is on a …

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Gun Rights part 2

     The debate has been going on
since the first town banned carrying a gun. Once again it’s a pretty simple common sense issue. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.  So why is that so
complicated? Seems easy enough, and it is the Constitution. Common sense can usually prevail. Some people just like to complicate things. They say no guns in schools, no way for teachers to defend
our children, and they say it while our children are being massacred. They say making guns illegal will help, like the people killing the children would obey a gun law. They say your not
responsible enough to defend yourself and your family, that’s what the …

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A Thank You

     I know,  I was supposed to get back to the gun
issue, but was forwarded this from a friend and couldn’t see waiting to post it. Don’t know who to credit the quote to, share the knowledge if you do, credit should be given when due. Anyone in
America that bashes the troops does not deserve to be an American. Your right to bitch was earned by the blood of soldiers.

It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the organizer, …

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California Dreaming

    Ok, the gun rights topic can wait another day, tonight I can’t help but talk a bit about Miss California. Here we have a young
lady who is ask a question and answers it honestly. Instead of being praised for her honesty or rewarded for standing by her beliefs, she is reamed royal because it wasn’t a liberal belief she
expressed. This human want- a- be Hilton is a perfect example of why so many people bash the gays. An excellent example of how they (liberals) feel free speech only applies to them. If Carrie
Prejean had thought ahead and given the answer the gay questioner  wanted she would have never been publically ridiculed. However, because …

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Gun Rights part 1

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the
security of a free state,
the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

yep … this is a lead in …

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