Rest in Peace Tiller

     Tiller the killer as he was commonly referred to is now dead. The controversial abortionist gunned down in his church of all places. Now that’s
irony. First, that you would find a man that has violated every code of decency there is as an usher in a church. Hopefully they were trying to reform him. Secondly, that the gunman would
murder someone in a church in the name of saving lives. Now I’m not going to defend Tiller or his actions. I can think of few that would deserve the death penalty more. Murder is never the
answer, however.

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     So let’s play the racist card. I’m sure there are some who are going to slam me with that one. Bet you they’re liberal too.  I am considered a racist because I don’t think everyone in equal. My groups interest rate above all others. A poor minority woman just couldn’t
have the life’s decision making experience as I do. As the south did in the old days, we should have our judges capable of changing the law at their whim. To many hassles going thru the legal
channels and all, Billy Bob can take care of that for us, just make that donation payable to  ….

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In Memory Of

They were called Revolutionaries. They had the audacity to believe they could exist without
their king. They believed God granted them the right to be free. They believed in a social order, not in a hierarchy. They created a new country from the wilderness destined to be the greatest nation
the world has ever seen.

      They have fought evil throughout the world to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We’ve welcomed them as
heroes on their return home on some occasions, spit on them  on others. Through it all they did what they had to do. They have given their
lives …

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North Korea Clicks Its Heels

North Korea didn’t waste any time did they? Jealous of all the attention the other bad guys are getting around the world, they just had to pop another nuke. As I thought, they are stating their
intentions, taking advantage of the other hot spots to create even more tension.   Smart enough to realize that with so much going on
around the world, everyone will tip toe around the nuclear issue once again, allowing them to strengthen their position even more. China releases a statement “resolutely opposed” to the act. Wonder
how long after Obama called them asking them to do something. Our new weaker position has once again further empowered and emboldened our world’s tyrants. Yes, …

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No New Taxes

more taxes for people who make under 250,000 a year, or it 200 this week? Hard to keep track the way they change it. Doesn’t much matter though, not true no matter how you say it. Let’s see, new beer
and soda tax = $20 more a month, 3 new cig taxes = $70 a month, the new energy tax = $50 on every months electric bill, new fuel taxes = $30 a month, interest rates on credit soaring, and regulators
that issue fines for every inspection like little Hitler’s with clipboards if you don’t march to their program. I don’t know how your math goes but 5 months of an unchecked liberal congress and my
taxes have gone up almost $200 a …

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Learning From the Past or Living In It?

     They have refused to release documents that hurt their position, mislead the American people, supported wire taps, classified
terrorist for indefinite detention, and bowed to the influence of big business. Sounds like a liberal describing Bush. Problem is this is the first few months of Obama. They’ve refused to release
information that settles the water boarding issue. Mislead the people with lies to cover their involvement in both the “torture” issue and the banking / economic crises, they support the same wire
tap policies, indefinite detention without trial is on the table still, and Freddy Mac, Fanny Mae, and GE are almost synonyms for a liberal congress. Love the way liberals like to call conservatives


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     Today we watched in horror as Iran test a 1200 mile range missile. They now have flaunted their capability to hit Israel.
 They’re now in range of several US bases. Now the big fear with Iran has so far been the nuclear issue.   They aren’t shy about their hatred of the US and Israel, but have basically not been a serious threat to the Homelands, limited to the support of
terror groups that by their very nature are destined to fail.

     I imagine the recent Israeli visit to Washington had little or nothing …

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The Cheesy Post of the Day

     ok, yielding to the pressure of one and proving a point to another, here’s a cheesy one that might actually get you
to grin … I’m not commenting on this one, you decide.

By the way, links / videos you want posted must have the originators link included. I don’t mind spreading their work for others to see but lets make sure credit is given where credits due.

enjoy the video


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A Liberal Scores

     Hate to give a Dem credit but hats off to Panetta. He put his country and the patriots that defend our country over politics.
Nancy Pelosi crossed the line when she accused the CIA of lying to her and congress, 3 times, heard it myself. Granted, at face value not unbelievable, I’m sure the CIA, like most, has lied before.
  However, a few things convince me Pelosi needs to retire. First, her inconsistent storytelling, 5 versions so far. Second, her immediate
back peddle when Panetta fired back, she reversed her direct comments against the CIA and tried to pass it off as the Bush administration she was talking about.   Sorry Nancy, you said it, …

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Its Time To Change

      About the most common comment I receive is “we can’t do anything about it.”  Wake up America. You can, the die hard left has proven it. We have to organize and not be afraid of expressing our beliefs. Now, granted, most
conservative beliefs have been labeled non PC, or as Napolitano put it, potentially terroristic, but guess what. That’s the Liberal label not reality. The reality is that most of America agrees
with the conservative principles, they just don’t recognize it. Most Americans:


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