The Healthfest

     Today our leaders sat down and tried to get something accomplished for a change. I think it’s been so long they forgot how. The
health care of our nation, a huge chunk of our economy, the futures of every one of us at stake, and a government that refuses the will of its people. Not a good combination.

     To the Republicans credit they did an excellent job overall at getting our point across. The liberals of the Democratic Party
however continued to ignore them …

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Happy Birthday Mom

     Every now and then God puts a little extra care creating some people. In His infinite wisdom He realizes that the world needs a
little help at times and those “special people” keep things going for the rest of us. Now I know everyone has their favorite heroes, but all share a few things in common. They are people of
character. They believe in right over wrong, but still tolerant and understanding. They are leaders, and we all benefit from their presence.

     So where, you ask, am I going with this? Tonight’s column isn’t about a politician; it’s …

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Bidens World

     I bet Dan Quail gets all warm and fuzzy every time Vice President Biden opens his mouth. Finally a VP that makes him look
smart.  The new tactic of the Obama administration or just more of Biden’s famous idiocy? I’m talking about Biden’s ridiculous
statement this week that Obama’s administration had won the war in Iraq. I guess none of us are supposed to remember that they have simply continued Pres. Bush’s strategy to the T. Or that Biden
and Obama both opposed the winning strategy. Might do them some good to realize that the only significant success of the Obama administration has been following a Bush …

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