Liberal Reconstruction

     The hypocrisy of the liberals never ceases to amaze me. Every insult
imaginable hurled at Pres. Bush, just fine and dandy, even encouragements of death, just Americans speaking up they say. Speak up against the liberal lunacy and you are immediately branded a hater
and racist inciting violence. Dozens of congressmen (both liberal and conservative) ask for extra security, nutcase extremist arrested across our Midwest, and racist undertones rock our headlines.

     Most of the media would have you believe the Tea …

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The Final Hours of Freedom?

     I was asked the other day what I thought would happen if the Health Care bill passed. My answer was simple. Riots in the
streets.   It’s a touchy subject, hate to even consider it, but there can be no other conclusion. I think the asker was surprised by my
response. A very wise man too. He disagreed, I hope he’s right.

     Unfortunately, I don’t see it going any other way. Beck made an excellent example using Greece as a model. Economically

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Be Your Own Judge

Before you get too hacked at what
you’re about to read, consider the old saying, “if the shoe fits”.   I will say ahead of time liberals need to read no further, we
already understand that most or all apply to you.

     You may live in the U.S. but you’re not an American. You’re a Socialist, Marxist, or Communist. You don’t believe those that work
smarter should have more. You’re lazy, wanting to live off handouts, a bum. You don’t care about your children or grandchildren. You’re weak, afraid to speak …

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Nah Nahs

     Children have this ornery way  of creating phrases that captivate
certain sentiments. Nah Nah na Nah Nah, being one of my favorites. It comes to mind whenever I think of how right Conservatives were about Obama.

·         We were right about Health Care. It contained virtually every nightmare claimed, now it’s going to be shoved down …

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Reconciliating Freedom

     Official word from the President, we’re getting health care a la government whether we like it or not. As I said all along, the
will of the people does not seem to matter to the liberal congress, and now, not even to the office of the President. Our Constitution ignored, our free will waved on the proclaimed grounds of
ignorance. We’re just not smart enough to get it. Obama said it, Pelosi says it, Reid lives by it. We need them to decide for us for our own good. If I was 12 I might understand that, my parents
had that right of control over me. Obama isn’t my dad, Pelosi …

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