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     So do you trust Congress with your life? Big question. It’s gone beyond trust with our money, which we know we can’t, now it’s
our lives. According to any reputable poll you can find, Americans are basically disgusted with Congress. Arizona residents are the latest casualties of the Socialist agenda. The Feds attempting
to appease the liberals and embrace the criminals breaking and entering into our country, have left our southern states to fend for themselves.

     The whole immigration issue is so simple it’s amazing to …

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Cause and Effect

     I hate to say I told you so, ok not usually, but yes this time it’s true, you’ve had 3 weeks since the last column to watch and see for
yourself. Yes, I did that on purpose, I enjoy the credibility it gives me.
     So have you been watching the news, the tea partiers and the Conservatives are inciting violence? It’s graduated to the point of being a Democrat talking point. Now, I’ve
discussed this several times over the last several months but after yesterday’s comments by the former President Clinton and several members of Congress I thought it was only appropriate to comment
     On the horrific anniversary of the OKC bombing, …

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