Our Attorney General needs to be fired. Period. Holder spent 2 weeks bashing an Arizona law he hasn’t even read. Took me about
30 minutes to study it. Copies available everywhere. Only 17 pages. Probably hasn’t read the federal law either, that might be why he has done NOTHING to enforce it. This is the same man that
supported the Constitutionality of another bill that forces people to buy a service by Government mandate. I bet he hasn’t bothered with reading the Health Care Bill either. This is the same man
that supports suspending Miranda rights to citizens, yet offers them to terrorist. This is the same man years ago that …

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Revisiting Arizona

     73% of voters nationwide support Arizona’s new immigration law. Now I’m well on record for my concerns with any law that ask
for travel papers (including random traffic blocks). Seriously, if you’re out on Friday or Saturday nights and you get in one of those and someone doesn’t like your look or attitude, you’re not
going to have a good night, you are going to have to prove your innocent of any wrong doing before you can proceed, whether your white or not. When one race is singled out there’s always going to
be a racist sideline.


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Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

     Ok so I borrowed that one from Carlin. Tonight I wander about a few things and why we’re not all going hmmmmmm. I warn you,
Carlin’s list was funny.

     So Charlie Crist, the new Benedict Arnold, how can we believe anything you say after you swore on Fox News Sunday you’d only run
as a Republican. And you say we can’t trust Rubio?

     The kids wearing the …

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Who Do You Trust

     Watch the coverage of a few tea parties, see how they clean up after themselves and avoid burning things. Now watch the
liberals cutting loose on the streets of Arizona. The difference is easy to see. Which group would you trust with your kid’s lives?

     If you have a hard time deciding which side you are on, it’s a pretty easy litmus test. Who would you trust with your kids? The
Liberal or the Conservative? Chaos or Decency?  Which would make an excuse for the guy …

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