How Many Degrees Does it Take to be Stupid

     The EXPERTS. A wonderful group of people, they have it down in their fields, the smart folk,
the PHD’s, the doctors, you know, the ones that know so much more than us po misguided commoners. But then how can we be expected to understand such things, we don’t teach at fancy colleges
with fancy names. We don’t have a string of initials after our name. We just need to be good little worker ants and let them figure things out. Know our role.


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     The power of perception, that is what is real. Truth has
very little to do with it, it is what people perceive it to be. Several examples for almost every circumstance of life. So much disinformation has been shoved down our throats we have become lazy,
easier to go with the flow than to try to find the truth.  

     Anyone who has been in business very long can tell you. The economy is controlled by the consumer confidence index, plain and
simple. If people feel good about …

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