Beck in Washington

     I just watched Beck’s speech at the Lincoln Memorial. I can honestly say
it was the most extraordinary event I have ever seen or heard in my entire life. Until now, I thought Martin Luther King’s speech was the best speech I had ever heard. Then I heard Beck today.
The hate mongering liberals will try to have a field day trying to spin the message. It will be obvious they never even listened to his speech. Sound bites won’t cut it here, listen to it all,
and hide your heads in liberal shame.

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Jon Stewart News

So now Jon Stewart is the Liberals news source? It shouldn’t surprise us that the Liberal headline grabbers jumped all over his comedy report that one of Fox’s
co-owners donated money for the mosque near Ground Zero.   Within hours everyone that likes to jump on Fox and Conservatives were
running crazy with the story as an important fact. I have a simple response …  who cares?

     I can already hear the sharp intake of breaths on that one, yes, I said …

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Glowing Policies

     So I guess Obama blames a nuclear Iran on Bush too. I’m sure he’ll forget
he’s been unable to stop Iran for the last 17 months no matter who he bowed too. Israel stuck by our lack of a backbone, destined to glow in the dark. Will we be so proud of our apologies and
appeasement when an entire race is wiped out? Where are the liberal activists when a race of humans is endangered? Only counts if its four legged animals I guess.


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The Price of Free Speech

Freedom, the most fundamental ideal of this country. It was the motivation behind our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, the cause for which thousands have fought and
died. Two hundred thirty plus years later we seem to have hit a problem with that one word though.

     The definition of freedom has become clouded over the years. Thousands of court cases over the years, thousands more in progress,
and yet we still can’t seem to come up with the magic line. Where does the limit to personal rights end and public majority rights begin? …

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Murderous Sympathy

     About the time I get to the point of just walking away from the political BS for awhile and focus on other issues some Liberal idiot writer has
to blow it for me. Inherently one of them has to write something so stupid I get ticked and here we go again …


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