Pondering Puppy Mills

     So occasionally we find an issue that touches the
heart to the point of clouding our objectivity. Even been guilty of it myself, perhaps we all have. Saving puppies from suffering is bound to be such an issue. No sane person wants to see an
animal suffer needlessly. When I first launched my support for Missouri’s Proposition B against puppy mills I did the research. If I had written the law I would have set the limits based on
animals per sq. ft. rather than a mandatory predetermined limit. The opponents were basically breeder organizations that stood to profit from the mills existence. As I examined the law most of
their arguments fell apart as assumptions of future political …

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The Conservative Whiners

     Sometimes things get frustrating, even downright discouraging. As a Christian I try to
fall back on my faith, God will be there for us, but as a Christian I also understand that the world has to run its course. Nothing we can do about that, it is what it is. No matter how good we
try to make it we’re just people, full of imperfections, full of sin, and the world is going to reflect that until God’s plan for us all is fulfilled. Then there’s that Satan guy out there too,
wreaking havoc whenever he can in an attempt to destroy our beliefs, to turn us away from God, to add to that frustration. People are going to die. Women and children are going to …

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Southwest Missouri, November 2nd

     I don’t usually get involved in the specifics of local issues but this
election is a little too important to bypass, and as a new resident to Southwest Missouri I needed to read up on the candidates anyway. So to the local readers who requested my opinion, here are
my views on the main races and I hope you find them useful. The big headline is going to be my pick for the 7th District. Good luck Mr. Craig.



For United States Senator

(Vote for One)

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The Mythical Separation of Church and State


     Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free
exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


     We’ve all heard the debates and discussions around the 1st amendment. We
understand our right of free speech protection. We get the freedom of the press. We even understand we have the freedom to peaceably assemble. Most realize we can petition our government for change.
Amazing …

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Going to Pot

     Every now and then I find myself agreeing with the liberals, not often, but it happens.
This is one such topic. There are several advantages to legalizing marihuana, medical reasons, financial, and for security. The arguments against reasonable except they presume abuse, a crime both
morally and spiritually, however, we should remember in the US we are supposed to be presumed innocent, not guilty before something wrong has even happened. So why would we want to legalize

     From a medical point of view we have a natural product that alleviates the symptoms of over a
dozen diseases, aids, arthritis, nervous disorders and ulcers to name just a few. The Bible tells us that everything …

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Social Security part 2

     While discussing the end to Social Security we have to ask a question. Most people
consider Social Security a retirement program, myself included, but truth is many other services are involved. From care to the elderly to the smallest child, dissolving Social Security affects
everyone. So what do we do about the care provided for all those that wouldn’t get a big check if we gave everyone their money back from Social Security?

     Social Services are not a bad thing. Liberals might find that shocking to hear a Conservative
say that, but no one has given more to the needy than the Christians. We do it every day. The problem comes when we don’t balance giving with common sense. …

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Ending Social Security

     Solving the Social Security problem. Supposedly a very complex issue. Actually quite
simple. You’ve heard many Libertarians, Republicans, and Independents discuss phasing out Social Security. The Democrats screaming foul, people just aren’t smart enough to take care of their own
retirement. It also makes for a great scare tactic for them to use on the elderly.

     Suppose I approached you when you first got a job, got a great retirement plan for you, you
pay me money out of every check for the rest of your life and when you turn 63 years old I’ll give you about half of it back, a little at a time.  You’d laugh your tail off at me right before
you …

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Political Advertising

     Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the political advertisements? They can be pretty
irritating at times, Over and over, the same ad constantly repeating, sometimes several times during the same show. Especially bad when they are so misleading a blind man can see it at times. They
can disgust a rational person to the point of not even voting, giving up, refusal to participate a form of personal revenge against an obviously tainted system.

      I have my own form of revenge; I look up the facts, and then take out my anger on the
candidate that stands least in line with my values. In the primaries that meant the least conservative Republican, in the general election, the most …

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Curing Political Corruption

     Simple solutions to complex problems. As one Democratic strategist put it last week, one
of the basic differences between the Liberals and the Conservatives. Her words, Liberals thrive in complexities while Conservatives see things in black and white. I guess I prove her

     Corruption and ineptness in politics often considered one of the most complex problems to
solve. It’s given rise to generations of disdain, the rise of the Tea Parties, and created low voter turnout as many have just given up. So how do we solve it simply and easily.

     Step 1. Political commercials subject to the same regulations as all other commercials.
Enforcement …

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One Nation Rally

     As thousands of people gather in Washington for the liberal “One Nation” rally a few
points come to mind. People gathering in a common cause a grand idea, the most basic of our rights, but before we give them too much credence let’s look at who these people are.

     Code Pink, SEIU, NAACP, La Raza, and over 400 other progressive groups gather in a rally to
bring their vision of America. Have you visited the Code Pink website, are you familiar with SEIU, do the special interest groups represent themselves or America?

     Unlike the Beck rally, these groups practice and preach “social justice”. They don’t believe
in the equal rights of …

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