Another Brick in the Wall, and Another, and Another

     So now Napolitano says screeners may expand to bus terminals, train stations, subways, and
other areas. More security a necessity, all in the name of preserving liberty and freedom. How ironic. Preserving our freedom, by annihilating it. Another car bomb attempt at a Christmas tree
lighting. This makes 4 attempted car bombs in the last year. I wonder how they’re going to solve that one. Random traffic checks for travel papers? Oh wait we have those. Vans with x-ray
technology to randomly “search” people and vehicles, roaming our highways and parked at key locations? We have those now too and yes they are being used.

     The Justice Department bust over 70 websites for suspected copyright …

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Decking North Korea

     I grew up the smallest kid in almost every school I went to. As you can imagine with my
mouth I was a target for just about every bully out there. Two things I learned early, running just delays the inevitable and you can’t negotiate with a bully. I got my butt kicked a lot. A few
years and a few dozen whippings later I discovered the secret to ending it all. I toughened up and then I went bully hunting. That’s when I learned the most important secret of all. Most bullies
are cowards. They pick on the weak because they can. They leave the strong alone, they don’t want to be hit and why take a chance on it when they can pick on …

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Sorry Charlie

     Charlie Rangel has been found guilty.
What a surprise. A forty year politician, decorated war veteran, and holder of overwhelming support of his constituents turns out to be just another rich Liberal hypocrite scumbag. Thirteen
charges brought against him, he was found guilty on 11 of them. Sad day for poor Charlie. Well not quite, Mr. Rangel gets a pass. Another perfect example of two things; one being if you’re a
Democrat politician laws don’t apply to you, imagine if this had been a Republican. Two, the Democrat Congress had to know the pass they’re trying to give Rangel will infuriate the electorate, yet
they want it anyway. Once again the will of the people means nothing.

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Leave Our “Junk” Alone

     In the battle against terrorism we can finally call a winner. Bin Laden and the Al Queda.
Just saying that hurts. Nine years after 9/11 and the “War on Terror” began, with thousands of troops fighting around the world we lost the war right here at home. Oh I know, we’ve killed
thousands of the enemy, we’ve freed 2 countries from oppression. Libya even surrendered without us even going in. We’ve disrupted their networks, thwarted many attempts. We still lost.

     Shortly after the attacks on 9/11 our enemies released statements to the effect that the
primary intent was the destruction of the one thing Americans treasure most, freedom. While the Trade Center towers were the target, the killing of …

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Who Got Shellacked?

     Grab you a drink, get a
snack, this is one that needs you to take awhile to read. Think about it, long and hard, and then convince me I’m wrong, please.

     We won on Nov 2nd. To a degree anyway, but did we really? I have
often alluded to the fact that there was a “higher agenda” to the actions of the Liberals since their congressional takeover in 2006. You might even recall one of my favorite phrases, “It’s either on
purpose, or they’re stupid, I don’t believe they’re stupid”.  Why would I make such a statement? So what really happened in the election? We won right?


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Are You a Leech?

     So the corrupt politicians, the bench legislating judges, the agenda driven teachers, the
unions, the influx of illegals, and the Liberals in general are all destroying the US. The issues 65% of America ignored ( public opinion a joke among the politicians. America under siege,
democracy and our republic in danger of being lost forever to socialism.

     Prior to the midterm elections I posed the question as to who the real problem is
( followed by a blog about
the Conservative whiners ( Well folks the
preliminary results are in. In the 2010 general election, touted as the most …

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Childish Pride

     There has been a trend growing in our schools, sadly they have become more about politics
than teaching at times. We have seen students sent home for wearing American flags on their shirt. We have seen classroom studies on the evils of capitalism. We’ve seen religion stripped from
their studies, prayer from their lunchroom.  A few days ago it was a school replacing the complex pledge of allegiance with a twice as long school appointed pledge. Today we read about a
child told he had to take a flag off his bicycle.,0,3045879.htmlstory

     Teachers used to have an obligation to …

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Here Comes the Judge

have often written about the arrogance and elite attitudes a few of power seem to grace us with, them being so well educated and intelligent, us being mere little people that have to be guided.
One of my biggest pet peeves, self important self appointed saviors of society, our guardians to protect us simpletons from ourselves. Guess they aren’t familiar with the terms Democratic
Republic, majority rule, or will of the people.

     Usually when I start off on a rant like this you can count on a
politician being behind it, and more often than not, a Liberal. Sadly though, tonight’s rant concerns a group that used …

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America’s Top 10

     The voters sent several messages that our politicians need to understand. This wasn’t all
just about the economy. It was about America, the good ol USA, and what we’re sick of, mad as hell about, and not going to take anymore. I’ve watched the last week as Washington has spun the
results and few seem to really get it. I’ve covered several of these in more detailed blogs in the past but for today I’ve trying to keep it really simple so even a politician can grasp

     The first obviously the most important, put God back into our country, there is no
“separation of Church and State” only a separation of State from …

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And Now?

     So now what? We won, and big, but just what’s going to happen now? Unfortunately very
little other than rhetoric. As I said previously, Obama has veto power that Conservatives don’t have the votes to over ride. Our new House leaders can stomp and yell, even defund many projects but
in the end we can’t stop the damage they’ve done in one election cycle. So while we made the necessary first step, we have to keep walking because they still just don’t get it.

     To give Boehner credit he does recognize that he’s going to be going at it toe to toe with
our Socialist leader. Problem being, he’s firing blanks. Mitch McConnell was right when he said …

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