Targeting Our Schools

     I know you’ve all seen the video by now unless you have been sleeping the last 2 days. A
shooter opens up on a Florida school board meeting, fortunately he was a bad shot and no one was hurt but him when he decided to take his own life. No loss there. It does pose the question once
again, just how many attacks on our schools are we willing to tolerate, and where is the next target going to be?

     Maybe I’m a simple man, but the anti-gun arguments elude me. From their standpoint we need
more gun laws to cut down on gun related deaths. I have yet to figure out why they think the criminals are going …

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Common Sense and Compromise

     Common sense, one of the most basic thought processes that exist. Unfortunately it can’t
seem to be taught. Funny such a simple concept escapes the so called “scholastically elite”. They can understand theoretical mathematics, but practical intelligence eludes them. Another such
concept, compromise. While they understand the meaning of the word, proper application and usage just seems to be out of their grasp. It isn’t that hard really. Most of us “uneducated hicks” seem
to get it without a whole lot of trouble. Why can’t our political leaders figure it out?

     Once again I saw the headline in the paper today “Parties Need to Compromise”. I say again
because over my lifetime it’s probably been …

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Elderly Pay for Democrats Politics

     Sometimes I hate to be right; this is one of those cases. Awhile back I brought up the
point that the Republicans had been put in a no win situation. The Liberal agenda burying us in a deep enough hole that no one would be capable of digging us out. They didn’t care about the
November election losses because they knew that the Republicans would be in the painful position of having to fix the mess they had created thus deepening the hatred, resentment, and disdain
towards the government by the common man.

     Couple of good examples lately. “GOP blocks legislation to award seniors $250”
( The column explains thoroughly
how …

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Throw the Dog a Bone

     So Rangel gets censured, government wages get frozen, a push for middle class tax break
extension, and a surprise visit to the troops for moral. Almost sounds like we’re making some progress. Well, almost.

     Ever heard of a thief breaking into a house that has a vicious watchdog? An occasional treat
can buy you wonders. So why are the White House and the Hill throwing the “dogs” a bone? They know the tax break extensions weren’t going to pass, so posturing there with loss of face. They already
voted their raises thru for the year, and they already make much more than the rest of us, so the wage freeze doesn’t really hurt them anyway, but it looks good. Rangel getting …

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