Egypt, Let Freedom Ring

     As the world holds its breath watching the riots in Egypt we’re faced with a dilemma,
 do we watch events unfold and support our long standing ally or support the quest for people to be free. To me it’s an easy choice; the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness.

     Economists warn of skyrocketing fuel prices and the damage to our economy caused by the
unrest. Diplomats fear the fallout as our ally falls. I say so be it, freedom must prevail at all cost. The most fundamental right of all humanity is still worth dying for.

     For decades the US has lent support …

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State of the Union 2011

     Since 1790 the President has given a “State of the Union” address. Sadly this one falls
into the category for me as one of the worst. I give Obama high marks for eloquence and delivery. He is after all a great speaker. This speech seriously fell short in the area of sustenance, and
to be quite honest credibility.

     If it weren’t so sad and so devastating to our country it would have been humorous. Saturday
Night Live could have done the same speech and people would have laughed at the satirical irony. While the speech itself was on the surface typically inspiring the message itself disingenuous to say
the least.


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Will the Real Dictator Please Step Up?

     Ok, our time off is over. Me, I took 10 days, some of you since Nov. 3rd, and
others, well I just don’t think you ever got started. Many of you believe America is too big to fail, that the USA will always be here, that the left just will not / cannot win.  Sadly
though, the preservation of a name does not necessarily mean the preservation of its integrity. As I said at the beginning of the year, for me this year is about restoring freedom to a country
that was founded on that very idea.  That brings up tonight’s point.

     This week we have watched the Obama administration kiss up to China’s President

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AP Uses Congresswoman Attack to Promote Liberal Agenda

     We watched in horror today as one of the worst things that can happen in a democracy
transpired. An idiot decides to kill his way to fame, using illogical rants to justify his actions. So sad. I don’t care what your rational, the cold blooded killing of women and children only
proves one point, cowardice. Here we had a Democratic Congresswoman actually trying to help her constituents, listening to the people, something we all wish they would do more, Republican and
Democrat alike. Now a lunatic has given them just one more excuse to hide.

     Another byline to today’s abhorable event is the AP coverage of the catastrophe in Tucson. . Terry …

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It Begins Today

     Today marks the beginning of a new age in America, maybe. Perhaps not a new age but a
return to the original way this country began 230 plus years ago. Either way you look at it, a rebirth of the fundamentals brought forth by the people that made this country great, the

     Step 1 in our return to power began in November, now we will see the fruits of our labor. Did
we succeed or did we get taken again? I have hope. The Conservative Christians founded our country, they freed the minorities, and now they will tackle personal and fiscal responsibility. I don’t
agree with O’Reilly’s statement a few weeks ago that we have seen …

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Happy New Year?

     I know everyone is wrapped up in New Year’s celebrations. Me, well I’m less into
celebrating and more into reflection. By looking at our history of years past, just maybe we can make the next few years something to truly celebrate. Celebrating a new year while millions suffer
more than in the last 70 years before is kind of like breaking out the marshmallows at the neighbor’s house fire.  Call me a party pooper but if our New Year marks a new beginning, shouldn’t
we focus less on partying and more on achieving something worth partying about?

     Being told they couldn’t hunt while their families starved, paying large portions of their
income to a corrupt …

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Pollardsmind 2010 Top 10 Post

     2010 marked a huge rise in our readers. I’d like to take credit for that but the
politicians deserve most of it. The one good thing about their stupidity, it seems to have awakened a few people. Here is the list of our top 10 post on Pollardsmind for 2010, hope you enjoy

10. Show Me the Liberal Money ( )

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8. Things That Make You Go Hmmmm ( )

7. How Many Degrees Does it …

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