Libyan Response

     As the protest in Libya grow to “civil war” status and thousands of civilians are shot in
the streets I find myself looking at the White House response and wondering what the heck is going on. In 1986 Reagan tried to have the man killed, Clinton tried twice in the 90’s. Bush put so
much pressure on him that he turned over his WMD’s and abandoned his programs. He even helped bust senior Al Qaeda out of fear.  This is the man that engineered the Lockerbie massacre killing
270 people. He has financed terrorism, he has equipped terrorist. The guy is a real maggot, even killing his own people in the streets. He’s so bad most of his own military refuse to

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Round 1, Wisconsin

     Wisconsin, ground zero for the union battles. In an effort to curb a 3 billion dollar
deficit the Governor kept his campaign promise. He took action. Now the state is seeing tens of thousands of demonstrators in the streets and in the legislative halls. Fourteen Democrat
legislators have vacated the state to block the budget vote. Schools have shut down. The DNC openly organizing demonstrations and bussing in protestors.

     So why the hubbub? What horrible actions is the Governor endorsing? He’s cutting the union
deals that are breaking his state, just as he promised. His constituents voted him in to do just that. He has overwhelming support of the voters. His proposal: cut collective bargaining for the

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What if?

     Hypothetically let’s say our problems in the USA expand. In an effort to curb the deficit
our entitlement programs are cut; union benefits cut, tuitions raised, grants and scholarships curtailed, Social Security cut, Medicaid restrained, Medicare shrunk, welfare diminished, etc. etc.
 Now let’s suppose by some far stretch of the imagination unions start to protest, students as well, everyone that gets a government check none too happy either. The protests expand, riots
break out, violence ensues. Police are called in as radical Liberals begin looting and burning the cities. Riot police respond with water cannons, teargas and rubber bullets. Protestors respond
with rocks and molotov cocktails.

     Our government in an effort …

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Answering the Call

     With the gathering of CPAC today I’ve been considering a few things the Republicans should
take to heart if they want to win in 2012. Like many I am skeptical they might blow it again. Fortunately the Obama regime continues to show their ineptness on a daily basis, just look at the
handling of the crisis in Egypt. Obama has turned his talking points to a middle of the road pitch, striving to convince us he’s listening. Yet the only drop we’ve seen in unemployment is due to
the high number that has given up. The only improvement in the economy is in the homes of his rich friends and the unions. The only cuts in the deficit token to say the least. The border situation

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The Egyptian Example

     There’s a lot going on around the world right now. I’ve tried to sit back a few days and
let things develop rather than jump on the speculative band wagon. On the home front things have been extremely active politically. The Republicans launching counter measures against Obama. The
court in Florida declaring Obamacare unconstitutional, fueling the momentum and a vote on the Senate floor. We’ve seen the White House openly buying support for Obamacare with 733 waivers for
unions and favored companies. Corruption at its darkest. We’ve also seen the House push back on the EPA introducing a bill to stop their “climate saving” mandates based on phony science that
threaten to cripple our economy further with higher energy cost at all …

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