Schumer’s Gaff

     I’d like to thank Senator  Schumer  for exposing publically what many of us
already knew for quite some time. The Democrats want either continued spending which will send us into further economic  turmoil, or a government shutdown which will cause more than a few
problems to say the least. In case you missed it here’s what he said on a conference call with colleagues, unaware reporters were also on the line:

“[I] always use the word extreme, that’s what the caucus instructed me to do the other week, extreme cuts and all
these riders, and [House Speaker] Boehner’s in a box. But if he supports the Tea Party
there’s going to inevitably [be] a shutdown,”

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Fight For Freedom, If It’s Convenient

     I want you to imagine for just a minute driving down a country road, you see a farmhouse
on the side with several children in the yard. A man armed with a club and a whip has them chained in place, walking among them beating them cruelly. Several of them are down, bleeding, hurt,
dying. As you slow your car taking in the horrible scene the children see you, screaming for help, struggling against their chains. You have a loaded gun, a cell phone to call for help. You stop
not far away. The man looks at you in anger, contempt. He continues to beat the kids. They reach out toward you for help, screaming, crying, blood flying as the man continues to beat them. You

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A Liberal Pop Quiz


     Tonight I’m keeping it simple with just a few questions for the Liberals:

  • If 90% of the taxes are paid by the rich and the poor pay no income taxes, how are the lower income families being unfairly burdened by income taxes?
  • If we tax big business to the point of moving overseas, how are we increasing our tax revenue?
  • If big business opens more branches and factories and employ millions, won’t that increase tax revenue?
  • If we break the oil companies, what will the hundreds of thousands of Americans employed by oil companies do for jobs?
  • How many people do the poor employ?
  • When did criminal become a race?

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Gas Cramps

     Having managed more than a few convenience stores I have a bit of an understanding of the
gas markets, unlike our legislators. The pain we are feeling at the pump has little to do with the crises in multiple Middle Eastern nations, that will actually be a few months down the road. The
current problem is created by nothing but greed and Liberals.  There are laws against stations and companies fixing prices with each other for decades, problem is it still happens every day
by skirting those laws.

     Station / company “A” decides to increase their margin on gas. They shoot their price up
let’s say 10 cents a gallon. Station / company “B” …

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Just Plain Stupidity

     I have trouble with the word stupid, while guilty of using it from time to time I prefer
not to for obvious reasons. Calling someone stupid is not only mean spirited; it also invokes feelings of anger that tend to make it hard to convince someone they are wrong. I much prefer terms
like misinformed, uneducated on the issue, misguided, or even simply just wrong. Even when using the word I prefer it to describe an action not a person. We’ve all done stupid things but that
doesn’t mean we’re all stupid people.  Sadly there are exceptions to everything and as usual it’s a Liberal. For all the educationally elites knowledge they just seem to push the “stupid”
envelope. Enter into the …

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