Remembering the Important Things in Life

     A very large segment of our population finds politics extremely boring. I never did, just
look at the bestsellers list. Mystery, graft, corruption, affairs and spy filled intrigue all a part of our bestselling novels and all a part of everyday politics. Really some nail biting story
lines if you get into it. That’s not why I chose to spend the little free time that I have doing this though. I’d much rather be fishing, or hunting, or spending time with my kids and

     I recently received some harsh criticism over my views from an old school mate. He said my
political postings had caused me to lose focus on what’s really important …

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Our Aces Are Getting Trumped

     Ever feel like a sucker? A lot of us with exes know that feeling. You take someone at
their word, you trust them, you want to believe. They say the right things, the things you want to hear. They seem to know just what to do. Then a few years later you find it was all a sham, what
you believed in never really existed, it was all a farce, you were wrong.

     Republicans meet Donald Trump, hopefully our next ex. I say that because this is one
relationship that shouldn’t be, it really needs to be a few months stand, which is better than one night I guess. A much needed shakeup and breath of new air …

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Guns OK, Bullets Another Story

     Awhile back I watched with interest as several environmentalist tried to influence the EPA
into banning the use of lead in ammo and fishing gear. Citing the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 they believed the EPA had to save the wildlife from lead poisoning. Even though there is no
documented evidence of that being a problem. Much to my surprise the EPA declined to act claiming no jurisdiction. I thought that was the end of it, I mean if they couldn’t even get the EPA on
their side how much traction could they gain?

     Now introduce into the picture the lawyers and the activist Liberal judges. You see, the
groups have now formed a …

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Games Liberals Play

     Today we were temporarily treated to another perfect example of our government’s nanny
state mentality. Beck did a wonderful mockery of it to lead off his show. You can probably YouTube it by now, or catch it on his website. New York tried to enact a regulation on children’s
activities. Tag, dodge ball, whiffle ball, and a few other such games were declared dangerous and subject to state control. Scary thing a whiffle ball, it can do a lot of damage. This regulation
required organizations that allowed such games to register, pay a fee, and be subjected to state inspections. Got to have it, after all it’s kids safety we’re talking about right? Of course a real
injury rate of 2 tenths …

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The Value of Our Debt Problem

     Sometimes I feel like a broken record. Fortunately from the increase in traffic on the
site I at least get the satisfaction of knowing some are listening and more are tuning in. For quite some time I’ve been writing about the lack of honesty expressed by our President. Now, many are
fortunately becoming aware of his credibility issues. With Obama the Liberals got 2 men for 1 vote, or more accurately 1 man with 2 faces. Some of the nicer talking heads accredit his inaccuracies
to inexperience. I’m a little blunter about it. How many times do we get to hear him flip flop before it sinks in, the man has no sincerity, he will say anything to feed fodder to his base and

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Shutting Down the Incompetence

     With a government shutdown looming, I resist the temptation to say “so what”. At the rate
of 4 billion a day we’re borrowing to keep it operating many say it’s our chance to save some money. Sadly with the trillions in debt the liberals are racking up, billions just barely count.
 Throw Reid’s contest with Soros and Obama to see who the most dangerous man to American is and we have the ultimate recipe for disaster.

     Whose fault is it that we can’t solve the budget crises? Like most problems the answer is
pretty simple. If the cuts to the budget are passed the Liberals can’t maintain their Socialist agenda or accelerate the destruction of current economic structure. …

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