How Tolerance Destroys Our Country

“More than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun
shops that line our border,” Obama in February 2009.

     There are many ways to lie. Sometimes you can do it while technically telling
the truth as Obama did in the above statement. His administration seems to have it down to an art form. While it is true most of the guns originated from the States, he leaves out that almost all
ended up in the cartels hands via the government of the United States. We know at least 1300 of these guns came from gun stores by way of Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious,

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Memorial Day

     Did you spend the morning checking out the ads for the big sales? Setting up the big
picnic and family get together? Getting the boat ready for the fun on the water? Those special moments with family and friends are all great memories. What about the real memory, the one the
holiday was designed to represent?

     Somewhere all of us have someone to pay tribute to, a memorial to their call to duty and
honor. They died on fields of battle not so you could have a 3 day weekend, but so that you could be free every day. They gave their lives in service to their country, their families, and yes, to our
God. Protecting the freedoms …

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Women’s Rights and the DNC

     Why is it if you are a white person and you dislike a minority person for something they
have said or done Liberals call you racist, but if you’re a minority and you dislike a white person for nothing they have said or done Liberals call you justified?  It seems fear
mongering, hate, and divisiveness is all the Democrats can come up with anymore around election time. They feign thriftiness with our money during elections like we can’t remember who blew
all the country’s money. What? You say they aren’t really feigning fiscal responsibility? Then why did the Democrat controlled Senate just unanimously vote down Obama’s budget after they spent the
last 4 years spending far more than what it calls for? Blaming …

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The Man Who Would Be King part 2

      I wonder how Obama would feel about giving California,
Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, as well as parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas back to Mexico. Not an option for us yet he wants Israel to give up their lands to pre-1967
borders. He’s asked Israel to give away a large chunk of their country in a quest for peace with terrorist, is that much different from giving away a chunk of our country to appease drug lords?
Arguably he’s already giving away our country with his nonsensical approach to immigration and his refusal to enforce our nation’s laws, how’s that working out?

      King Obama has decided to test …

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The Man Who Would Be King

     Welcome to the United States of America, a free land with elected officials who represent
the will of the majority. Well it used to be true but let’s just get it over with. The reality is: All hail King Obama. All powerful Leader. Our Keeper. First of the American Kings. Emperor of his
huddled masses. Controller of our destinies. Creator of our laws.

     In yet another example of Obama’s arrogance he and his cronies have once again whizzed all
over the American people’s right to representation. I don’t even know where to begin with all the past examples; Health Care, our Injustice Department lead by Holder, or the Homeland Security garbage
run by Napolitano. I was going …

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Borderline Insanity

     I think I finally figured Obama out. Almost every science fiction series from Star Trek in
the 60’s to StarGate in the 2000’s has dedicated at least a few shows to “alternate realities” or “parallel universes”. Obama is from a parallel universe. It’s got to be. It’s the only viable
explanation unless he’s on some form of hallucinogen.  

     Riding high on his indulgence tour touting his brilliance in the death of Bin Laden he’s
decided to revisit an issue that has plagued America for years. No, it’s not creating jobs, something Americans need our President to devote his time to. No, it’s not gas prices, tied directly to the
economy and crippling our country. No, it’s not …

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Project Gunrunner

     Project Gunrunner was a successful sting operation designed during the Bush
administration to arrest people illegally providing guns from the US to Mexican cartels.It was highly successful and according to reports not one gun was lost per the operation across
the border.That is until the Obama administration took over, changing the name and the tactics …
     If you watch ABC, CBS, or NBC you probably haven’t heard of Operation Fast and Furious. This government program is responsible for over 1600 guns being sold illegally
to Mexican drug cartels. The supposed purpose was to track these guns to larger gun dealers and bust them in a nice neat sting which would help lower the transfer of guns from the US across the
border. On the surface the intention doesn’t sound …

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Take 6 Version 27

     We’re on our umpteenth version of the Bin Laden killing, and to be quite honest it is
enough for me to know the scum is dead and that his last sight was US troops. I have some problems with the story though, problems that don’t affect the outcome but do reinforce an unrelated

     Why is it so hard for the White House to just tell the simple truth. According to Obama it
was all about him and his directions that led to Bin Laden’s death. We received the story line of his direction leading to the finding, his decisiveness leading to the action. You can see his quotes
in the column below or at

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Bin Laden, I Hope You Like It Hot

     Today one of the biggest maggots to creep on this earth has now
been squashed. Bin Laden, your virgins are waiting for you in Hell. I expect we’ll see sleeper cells around the country awakened in the call for retaliation. Terrorist groups around the world will
follow suit. There will be those that say a bullet was too quick a punishment. There will be those that unite around his death and call him a martyr.  Me? I’m just glad that justice finally
prevailed and the scumbag is dead. The political circus and expense of a live capture, trial, etc we don’t need. Hopefully some of the borderline psychos that followed him will decide they aren’t
ready to die also. …

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