Project Man the Wall Update

For those volunteering for project “Man the Wall”:

We need the following information so we can start to organize the multitude of responses:

1)      Name and email address for contact

2)      Number of people in the group you are representing if applicable


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The Price of Safety

     You’re in the mall shopping with your kids and grandkids; everything is great, nice family
outing. Then the Swat teams show up. Your grandkids screaming, people being rounded up, resisters slammed on floors and walls while the place is stormed. Citizens lined up, patted down, searched.
Purses gone thru, IDs checked, “junk touched”. Think we’re talking about Germany 1942? Soviet Union 1975? Communist China or North Korea today? Nope, welcome to America 2011.

     When I first started saying this was going to happen last year the response was pretty wild
to say the least. I was accused of being nuts, a conspiracy theorist, a radical bent on spreading exaggerated claims, inciting unrest, and even of being an idiot. …

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Happy Fathers Day

     Another Fathers Day has come and a good day it has been. I’m really lucky in several ways
there. Mine is still kicking honery as ever, and as incredible as he’s always been.  I can honestly say his are big shoes to fill and if I can be half the Dad he is I’ll be doing

     I’ve also been blessed with 2 wonderful daughters that have given me love and forgiveness for
the mistakes I’ve made. Being a father is about as good a feeling as a man can have, there’s just something about it that makes everything worthwhile, a feeling of value and pride that can’t be


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So Little Time, So Much Stupidity

     I’ve been busy on our project “Man the Wall” ( the last several days so I’m afraid I’ve gotten behind on a few issues. Tonight I’ll try to
play catch up.

     Greece rocked in riots and protest as the country’s economy continues to nose dive. Don’t
worry, our President has promised to help bail them out, after all we have so much wealth to spare. No surprise NBC leaves out of its report that the rioters are protesting the end of their handouts.
I have to ask why we are going to help fund those handouts when so many of our own are in dire shape due to the …

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Project Man the Wall, It Begins Today

     Across the Middle East millions of Arabs rose to an occasion. Whether you agree or not
with the direction they are headed, the “Arab Spring” has accomplished one very important thing. Through the use of social networking sites, mostly Twitter and Facebook, multitudes of people
rallied together for a common cause. It will be years before we find out the effects. Will it be pro democracy as we all hope, or the rise of Islamic extremism? For tonight’s subject that’s not
the point. Millions of people united to change their world, their lives, and their laws. From country to country the wave rolled, the movement grew, and the people through their own initiative
proved they could unite, react, and respond within days, …

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Manning the Wall

We’ve had protest gatherings by Tea Parties nationwide. We’ve had hundreds of thousands gather angrily at town hall meetings. Beck gathered over 100,000 at the Lincoln Memorial from all over the country. Several states are passing anti illegal immigration statutes by overwhelming majorities. Millions of Americans are disgusted, angry, and need a peaceful way to vent. Continue reading Manning the Wall