It’s All in the Math

     As a kid I hated math for the longest time, then somewhere along the line (about the time
I started working) I realized just how important it was. Virtually everything in the world is tied into the math. From the simplest things in life (like how many times you can cruise the strip in
high school on $5.00 worth of gas) to the most complicated, like the debt crisis, it really is all about the numbers. For all their degrees and experience I think that’s the biggest problem in
Washington, they’ve forgotten how to run the numbers.

     Years ago I was quite the debater, brought home several trophies each season and almost all
won …

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The Late Great Walkout

     Are they finally listening? Seems like Boehner might actually be but it’s still pretty
doubtful on the Senate Republican side. Today Speaker Boehner may have pulled the best move of his career by walking out on the President.

     I’ve covered the debt “crisis” twice already:

But today’s development bears worth of another word or two. With the speaker showing finally that he has a back bone
it will now be up to who can spin it the best. Face it, when it comes to the …

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Rule By Pulpit

     Another piece of the puzzle falls into place, and another slice of history returns.
Amazing how the past has a way of coming full circle. In the Mythical Separation of Church and State ( I discussed the historical reasons behind the First Amendment. In particular how our
Founding Fathers intended there to be a separation of state from church, not the reverse. Please keep that blog in mind when you read this report: Not only obviously some hypocrisy there on the part of the Liberals
as well as an attempt to rule from the pulpit, it appears they take their cues …

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Letting the Liberals Sink or Swim

     We bailed out Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, even after the crisis they caused spiraled into a
nationwide, economy wrecking mess, only to see them continue their wrongful actions even now with little regard to the obvious ill effects.  We bailed out Wall Street, insulating them from
the losses their irresponsible practices lead to, allowing them to keep their ill gotten gains, while millions of Americans lost their jobs. We bailed out GM, just to have them invest American
dollars in Mexico. We’ve bailed out the UN Lord knows how many times, just to watch them put countries like North Korea and Iran in charge of programs that effect the security of the world, and to
listen to them criticize us for …

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The Verdict of Casey Anthony

     I’ve watched for the last week the results and reactions to the Casey Anthony trial. Like
many of you I am disgusted with Casey Anthony, her actions and behavior abhorable. However, I am not shocked by the verdict, and surprisingly to many of you I’m sure, I am not disappointed. Our
justice system prevailed. This case was fought for years in the public court of the media. The evidence we heard in many cases not even similar to the evidence presented in court. Rampant with
bias and slanted half truths the media made its case not the District Attorney. There was no evidence to convict. No solid DNA evidence, no cause of death, questions even surrounding the integrity
of how the body …

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Celebrating the Past (reprint)

     The 4th of July, our Independence Day. The
day we celebrate our freedoms the forefathers died to give us. Freedom from an oppressive government that dictated every aspect of our daily lives. How we used our land, what we did on our own
property, what we said, how we said it, our faith, and where and when we can practice it, how we raised our children, even what we eat and if we get to, all controlled by an uncaring, corrupt
government. The separation of the classes, the perks for the elite, taxation without … consideration, a blatant lack of respect for basic moral values, a holding of the masses in contempt, feeding
the greed of the wealthy …

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Debt Crisis Blues

      As the budget talks continue to fizzle I watch as the Obama administration
continues to flounder in a pool of delusional nonsense that defies all grasp of reality. For some reason he is convinced that the American people are so stupid they can’t remember who got us
into this mess.

     Bush made his share of mistakes in office, listening to the Dems after the election in
06 being one of his worst. After Democrats Barney Franks and Chris Dodds blew their oversight of the banking and mortgage industry which lead to this whole mess starting, he followed up with a
bailout that set a horrible precedent. Granted, it staved off the worst …

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