The Truth Gets “Gored” Again

     As Mr. “I Invented the Internet” struggles to make his
comeback his arrogance still astounds me. Climate change is the fault of humanity, and everyone is wrong but me and those that lie to support my cause. Should be an award for that, oh wait he did
get a Nobel for manufacturing proof didn’t he? Gore needs to take a lesson from Quayle and quietly disappear into history. Unfortunately though if Gore had misspelled potato he would have insisted
the dictionary was wrong not him.

     Last Friday Al came forward with another typical Liberal tactic. When faced with overwhelming
odds, relate your cause to racism. Truly amazing, and ironic when you consider …

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America’s Sleep Disorder

     Usually my blogs center around a common sense
reasoning through of current issues. Tonight I’m diverting from that and asking for your feedback on the most prevalent problem in America today. It’s an issue I’ve discussed many times in
relation to a multitude of topics and while I try to provide answers to many of our nation’s woes, this one eludes me still. What’s it going to take to wake Americans up?

       Our last election one of the most important in the history of our nation, yet
only slightly above 50% of the eligible voters thought it worthy of getting off the couch and voting. Pretty sad. We’ve seen the Liberals destroy our country since taking …

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A Buffetted Response

     I kept my fingers still a few days reading the different
responses to Buffett’s “Millionaire Patriots” sermon on the Hill. Kudos for Bachmann for being the first candidate to spit out the obvious response. Where’s your check Warren? Several columnists
added their voice to the inquiry and I as well wholeheartedly agree. No law keeping you from over paying your taxes Mr. Rich, even an address you can use to contribute to paying down the debt, so
why aren’t you? A few others even rightly pointed out how you could take all the rich people’s money and still wouldn’t have enough. Maybe I missed it but that’s about as far as I saw any of the
commentaries go. I’m taking …

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The Politics of Winning

     We’re taught at an early age that it isn’t whether you win
or lose its how you play the game that counts. I wish that were true. In some cases winning is everything. Reality is a bit colder. As our nation gears up for another presidential campaign
Conservatives are faced with some hard choices. Do we vote for the best or do we vote to win?

     It’s way too early to be throwing my support behind a candidate, and I’m not, but at this
point I was very happy to see Perry enter the race. There are several issues I contend with him on, but he shows the capacity to listen to the voters, and 40% of …

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Tea Time

     The Tea Party has been called Astroturf, Tea Baggers, and other demeaning belittling comments. That didn’t work so the rhetoric was stepped up. Racist,
Nazis, and now terrorist the terms of the day, and not just from the media, even the Vice President. As Washington struggles with Obama’s incompetence the blame game continues as status quo.
Probably the only thing that Obama can get consistently right, his incompetence.

     We heard for days how the S & P downgrade would have no effect on the
economy. Gietner got to keep his job, the Liberals still screaming …

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And the Wall Comes Tumbling Down

     A few weeks ago I announced a project to remedy the issue of illegal immigration in our
country, a demonstration of our resolve to protect our nation and rule of law. Project “Man the Wall” ( was designed to garner the attention of not just our politicians, but also of our enemies, proof that the
American people still control their own destinies and will stand for what is right and force our leaders to take action.

     During the last 7+ weeks over 250,000 people were approached with our plan; citizens, media,
elected officials, and law enforcement from all over the country were reached. Thousands of volunteers rose to the call, and …

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