The Joke’s on Us

     A while back the President made the comment “it seems the
shovel ready jobs weren’t so shovel ready”. Big joke. Millions of Americans in the worst of conditions and he feels the need to crack a joke. Pretty tacky, everyone had their say about it, and
then it was forgotten. Now the NC governor, a Democrat, adds her own joke to the mix. Let’s put off the elections for a couple of years so we can all focus on jobs not campaigning. Another big
joke. So if I get this right, in order to get them to do their jobs the next year we have to let them keep their jobs 2 extra years? Yeh, that’s real funny. I bet everyone hurting right now

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Coming Out of the Closet

     As Conservative values endure more assaults daily I’m struck
by the lack of opposition the Liberals are receiving. Oh I know the religious leaders are bringing it up to their congregations. I know we occasionally see the outrage by the right on the news. By
and large though it continues to happen and Christians, though angered, are still folding. We sometimes seem just too easy to forgive and forget. Complain a few days then move on. Afraid of being
labeled as “aggressive” we’ve sat back and been complacent and we’re losing our place in society.

     The Bible encourages us to be loving, forgiving, and non confrontational, after all “the meek
shall inherit …

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Minimum Wage Maximum Damage

     With the record rise of poverty plaguing our nation many of
the “intellectually elite” are once again calling for an increase in the minimum wage. Bad idea folks and here’s why.

     While it makes for huge cheers at a political rally this idea is flawed from the get go. The
politicians may see it as a talking point to please the masses, who doesn’t want to make more money, in reality the increase has the opposite effect. The unions have pushed for higher wages and
benefits for years and what has the result been? As businesses are forced to pay higher wages as a mandate several things happen.


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A Deficit of Ideas

     Almost three years in office and the best
Obama and his “experts” can come up with to reduce the deficit is the same old line, “tax the rich”. Not just a little either, 1.5 trillion. Can the man not get it in his head that STUPID spending
by the government is the problem, not revenue? When the Bush tax cuts went into affect revenue for the government increased, why, because business increased, wages and hiring increased, and more
people working meant a more productive economy. Taxing those who are able to create jobs will only lower job creation. Creating an anti business environment in our country can only mean businesses
won’t thrive. It’s really pretty simple; too bad …

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Is a Liberal Worth Saving?

     I’ll be the first to admit there are good
and bad to all groups of people. You can’t lump sum everyone of a certain category together and call them all bad. Most cops are great people, a percentage of them aren’t. The same can be said of
firemen, doctors, even the military. There are bad apples in every group and the same applies to races, nationalities, and political groups. That doesn’t mean the whole group is bad, it just means
we are human, and some humans are nasty people.

     It was wrong after Pearl Harbor to round up thousands of Americans and throw
them into camps, denying their …

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A Day We Must Remember

     Ten years ago today Americans faced the most horrific attack
in our history. It was not a day we should ever forget. It touched the lives of each and every one of us, and to this day it still affects us all. September 11, 2001. Have you

     I know it’s easy to say you remember as we watch the commemorative services throughout the
day, your hearts touched again as the buildings crumble in the footage on TV. I imagine each and every one of us remember where we were and what we were doing when the news came, watched in horror as
the coverage documented the day’s events. It shaped our lives and our …

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The Shovel Ready Speech

     Pass it right away, pass it now, pass it tomorrow, wish I had counted the number of times he said it. Someone will as soon as the White House
posts the speech on the website I’m sure. Yes, I’m talking about the wonderful new jobs speech Obama gave tonight. Several points I want to make and questions I have to ask, maybe some of you can
enlighten this intellectually inferior hick.

     The President made a point of saying several times his proposals had
bipartisan support in the past, but politics had stood in the way of getting the job done. I …

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Labor Day not Union Day

     Labor Day, in today’s world it is a national
holiday to celebrate the achievements of the American worker. At the time of its inception the holiday was a bargaining tool, designed to appease the unions after the Pullman Strike of 1882. Those
were different times, and the unions which had a relevant purpose in American history have long since degraded to represent far different ideals.

     In those times the unions filled a much needed role. Workers were banding
together to protest horrible treatment and living standards. Unsafe business practices as well as almost slave like treatment of employees made their formation almost a necessity. Those times have
changed. Now they represent exuberant wages …

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