Christian Politics

     Perhaps the biggest complaint I hear directed toward
Conservatives from the “middle of the road” folks is that we allow our morality and religion to enter into our politics. The first examples they use are usually abortion and gay rights. They feel
legislating people’s personal lives is just going too far. As you can imagine I have a slightly different view. Abortion is perhaps the easier of those 2 issues to defend our stance on. If we
cannot respect the basic right of a baby to live how can we even hope to protect anyone else’s rights. Gay rights are more complicated to some. It is their individual choice of lifestyle so how
can we choose to control their right …

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Homophobia or Good Judgment?

     Throughout time mankind has been faced with the temptations
of sin. There is quite a long list of them, none of us failing to fall prey to a few. We are not perfect which is why God gave his own Son for our sins. Nice to know He loves us that much, it is a
comfort. It is not a luxury however that we are supposed to take advantage of. A murderer can get to Heaven if he truly repents his sin. So can a thief, a rapist, a gambler, a drunk, or a hooker.
And yes, so can a homosexual.

     Our politically correct Liberal friends tell us we should accept and condone …

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Red Alert or False Alarm?

     As I read the news stories on the Occupy Wall Street
movement I can’t help but notice the numerous references by the Left comparing it to the Tea Party. It makes me wonder which Tea Party they are comparing them to, the one they mocked for the first
year plus, or the one they recognize now as a substantial influence on today’s politics. Seems they can’t make up their minds.

     The one phrase that keeps popping up in their reference to the Tea Parties is “unruly mob”.
I’d like to see them define that statement in context to the Tea Parties. No arrest, no violence, no defecating on police cars or American flags, none of that …

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Holder’s Fast and Furious Prosecution

     I’ve been against Holder since he was first mentioned as an
appointee. The man’s past speaks for itself, time and time again involved in controversial issues. An Attorney General should be the epitome of law enforcement, not politics and bad judgments.
I’ve called for his ouster more than once since then; you can find him mentioned in many of the blogs. His refusal to follow the Constitution on Obamacare,  illegal immigration, refusal to
prosecute the Black Panther election violations, kid glove handling of Acorn, and even members of his own office admitting to only enforcing laws where minorities were the victims have all led to
my conviction that the man is a grossly misguided ideologue incompetent in his duties. Many …

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Occupying Wall Street

     The “Occupy Wall Street” movement continues to grow spot
lighting just a few commonalities shared by Liberals and Conservatives alike. That’s strange to me because some of the Conservative movement are now falling for the “class warfare” tactic of
Obama. While we share a few of the same sentiments toward Wall Street as the Liberals it is extremely important we remember the differences before we jump on that bandwagon. Unfortunately
many have already made that mistake as I’ve noticed several Libertarian and Republican friends have joined the protest. It’s true; we share a common goal in that we all hate corruption. Greed and
accumulated wealth on the backs of those less fortunate are a common ire. Bailing out the corrupt rich bankers …

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