The Perfect Candidate

     I don’t know who is laughing harder at the Republicans and
the Conservatives, the Liberals or the media. The Republicans need to figure something out quick. It’s not that hard, all it takes is a little objectivity. Unfortunately in today’s environment
everyone is so ticked there isn’t a lot of it out there. We need to stop and take a breath and think, a slow count to 10 sure wouldn’t hurt.

     The Liberals are elated because we’re doing their dirty work for them. The media doing
handsprings because they don’t have to do any research, they love it when we practice suicidal politics. We’re acting like school kids on the playground and it must be stopped …

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The No American Flag Zone

     When I was a kid we learned about cultures in
all parts of the world. They were valuable lessons for several reasons, not the least of which is how the mix of cultures helped make our great country into what it is today. We were taught that
the best of these cultures helped shape our country, and the worst led to millions from everywhere fleeing to come here, hence our “melting pot” of a society. We learned from the bad, incorporated
the good, and because of that our country was exceptional and unique.

     Things have come a long way since then. There is a line between learning about other cultures
and …

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Generally Speaking

     We lost another general Friday, not a casualty of war, not
bravely in the field of battle, but rather in the political arena. Score another one for the Liberals in their war on Patriots. Major General Peter Fuller dismissed from duty for one of this
administration’s most serious offenses. No, he wasn’t spying, he didn’t collaborate with the enemy, and he wasn’t derelict in his duty. He told the truth. Ghastly offense I know.

     In an interview with Politico published Thursday General Fuller was asked about Karzai and
his pledge to side with Pakistan if there was a conflict between them and the US. The General was honest with his description of Karzia as “erratic” and …

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