Pollardsmind 2011 Top 10 Post

     This last year has marked another tremendous increase in readers, thank you all for your
support and spreading the word. We’ve had our share of controversies this year, from our failed project “Man the Wall” (http://blog.pollardsmind.com/2011/06/04/manning-the-wall.aspx) to my numerous references to the TSA
and their fascist tactics. Perhaps the most memorable moment for me is my insistence that Operation Fast and Furious was set up as a purely political move to incite violence and give the government
justification (in their eyes) for more anti gun legislation and the eventual demise of the Second Amendment, and then to be proven right 7 months later by the CBS news investigation and discovered
memos from within the ATF and Attorney Generals Office. I still find it appalling that in this day and age those …

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     There is one day that brings us together. It
unites us in love, sharing, happiness, and joy. Even the worse off among us usually find a different feeling in their heart if only for that one day. It’s not New Years, or Easter, Thanksgiving,
or even the Fourth of July. It’s Christmas, the day we celebrate Christ our Savior being born. While the other holidays bring family and friends together only one has that certain magic to it,
that special something that fills the air and can touch the heart of the worst Scrooge. It’s the Love of our God manifesting itself in almost everyone, if only for a day. The horrors of shopping
have passed, the labors of …

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Ignoring Treason

     Last May I wrote Project Gunrunner ( http://blog.pollardsmind.com/2011/05/06/project-gunrunner.aspx ). I received some criticism for having the audacity to
assert this administration had mutated the successful project into Operation Fast and Furious, a far more sinister project. Unlike the mainstream media I have said all along that this
administration had no intentions of rounding up gun runners. I believe their intentions from day 1 were to stir up violence along the border and to install legislation to further limit gun rights.
Yes, I believe Obama, Holder and others in this administration made a conscious decision to sacrifice innocent lives on both sides of the border …

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Lesson Learned?

     With budget cuts a necessity and the Iraq and
Afghanistan wars winding down our foreign policy has once again become an important topic of conversation. Many say we have to stop being the world’s policeman. Many say we have to stay out of
other nation’s affairs. Bush has been slammed for years over the Iraq War, laid on his head despite a unanimous vote from Democrats in support. Our late involvement in Libya reeked of politics
while an early involvement would have made us heroes. Regardless millions of people now have the freedom to choose their own government even though their choice is not appealing. Such has been the
case more than a few times, our involvement earning hatred …

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Living in Fear

     In April 2009 I wrote about a letter our Homeland Security
Director Janet Napolitano sent to police departments as a guide for who to watch as potential terrorist. To paraphrase, if you are any combination of: white, middle age male, pro life, pro Second
Amendment, anti illegal immigration, anti Muslim, Conservative, ex military, ex cop, and vocal about your beliefs you are a potential terrorist.

     The Pentagon recently announced 157 career Air Force officers are being relieved before they
qualify for retirement for budget reasons. I wonder who will now be in charge of the drones and spy satellites.

     The Pentagon recently announced over 20,000 …

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