The No Vote Scenario

today’s Political environment our country is faced with numerous threats. Most consider the spread of Socialism / Liberalism the worst, and admittedly it is right up at the top. Another is
corruption among both parties which comes in many forms. A third is the abandonment of our Christian morals that set the standards for rights in America. The spread of Sharia influence which
degrades the standards of most everyone’s rights also a serious concern. Today though, the most serious threat to our Republic is the non voter.

     As I’ve scanned thru the social media networks and read my emails I’ve noticed a trend
building the last few years, but …

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Divided We Fall

     In November I wrote the Perfect Candidate ( in the hopes that we could
all see the logic in not destroying each other this primary season. The enemy being Liberals, Socialism, and RHINOs, not ourselves. Sadly things have progressed according to the media’s

     I’ve watched the news commentators, Facebook discussions, and numerous other post fall into
the same trap time and time again the last few months. Starting with raw data and no perspective as to timeline or circumstance “facts” are presented with a one sided and biased viewpoint in mind.
Mistakes, errors in judgment, or even simply forced results of the circumstances of the time in …

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Racism in America Starring the Democrats (repost)

     So who are the racist? We hear time and again how the
Republicans are the party of the rich white guys. Tea party racist etc. etc.  Here’s some nice facts for you, look them up.

     Woodrow Wilson, often called the father of the modern Progressive Movement. Wilson, a
Democrat, segregated the army, bathrooms, cafeterias and warned of the “ black people” carrying diseases.

     Franklin Roosevelt , another Democrat, insisted on his Work Progress Administration and the
Civilian Conservation Corps be segregated by color. Oh yeh, he also locked up several thousand citizens for having the nerve to be Japanese. He also appointed 2 well known racist to the

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Racism Today (repost)

     He had a dream. Not much different than any other oppressed
race throughout history, he had a dream of freedom and equality. Like us all. Equal opportunity for everyone without regard to race. Sounds easy. 2010, we ought to have it figured out by now. But
we don’t, something so easy it eludes us now as much as it did then.

     I don’t think Dr. King imagined the future quite like it played out. Idiots like the Arians
and the KKK have been reduced to nothing in the political arena. A very good thing. Strangely though, they have been surpassed by the idiots to the other extreme. We actually had black guys with
nightsticks at …

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     Keep It Simple
Stupid. Known for years as the KISS principle of business. As political correctness has taken over the “stupid” has been dropped but the philosophy remains the same. Most business managers
understand it well and use it daily as a tried and true method of problem solving. Most political leaders seem to find it impossible to grasp the concept, but do they really?

     It is human nature to shy away from confronting boring complicated political issues, hence
the reason politicians seek to complicate the issues as much as possible. Jefferson said “an informed citizenry is the only true repository of public will”. Politicians and the government in general
thrive on the adverse of …

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Is it Time for Santorum?

     Most who know me well and those that follow me on Facebook
can tell you I have been a Santorum supporter for a long time. I’ve withheld my endorsement of his campaign for one major reason, electability. Yesterday those fears were put to rest and today
marks a new beginning for America.

     Yesterday proved that Christians are losing their submission and gaining strength. I have
said all along I will support any Republican that gets the nomination to run against Obama and that remains true. It is my belief however that virtually every problem faced by the USA can be traced
back to one overall flaw in our lives, a severe lack of moral fiber …

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New Year Same Problems

     This year I am not going to eat less, or eat healthier. This
year I am not going to quit smoking. I’m not going to save more, or spend less. I’m not going to be more punctual. I’m not going to be more organized. I’m not even going to be kinder or more open
minded and soft hearted. These goals for me would be self serving and to be honest with myself they aren’t going to be attainable. Unlike many, I’m more of a self sacrificing type than self
serving. Nor will I waste my time on goals that are unreachable for myself or beneficial of our nations enemies. We’ve allowed them too much leeway already.


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