Another Nail in the Coffin

     The Republicans say Obama stopped the
pipeline from Canada to appease his Liberal environmentalist supporters. The blogging community says it was so Buffet could rake in millions more as the chief interest holder in the railroad that
will instead ship the oil to the east coast of Canada in route to China. Both are true but not the principle reason. They are just consequences of Obama’s real plan. A “fundamental
transformation of America
” which they “have to tear it down before we can rebuild it” because under his administration “energy prices will effectively triple”. Sound

     The real reason Obama has been ignoring Iran is not weakness or fear …

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Broken Records

     While I
occasionally reference a candidates voting record I try to look more at the record of a candidate’s stand on an issue. Voting records can give an incomplete view on how a candidate truly feels on
an issue in many ways. Perfect example, over the last several years the Democratic Senate attached provisions to many of the funding bills for our troops and our vets. Most Republicans voted
against these bills because of these provisions, not for a lack of support for the troops. It would be easy for their opposition to tout the voting record claiming they hate the military while in
fact they later passed clean bills giving the troops their funds. …

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Will He Be King?

    One would think that if you were President and
trying to win re-election you would make an attempt to appeal as many voters as possible and try not to alienate specific groups with large voting blocks. Seems like a practical strategy to me
anyway.  Then again, I’m not Obama, or a Liberal hell bent on the destruction of America.

     In the past few months Obama has reversed a trend that has kept politicians in office for
decades called “election year pandering”.  Now I have always said as much as I can’t stand the Socialist ideologue I don’t believe him to be stupid, so why does he think he can win again while
he so …

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The Whole Truth

     More than once I’ve discussed the problems
with political commercials and not researching for yourself the real truth untold in the ads. In Divided We Fall I wrote about how we were destroying ourselves with sound bites and
half truths, in effect smearing our own candidates so bad we were handing Obama and the Liberals another 4 years to destroy our country.  Since I’ve endorsed Santorum I’m going to use him as
an example to show not only the out of context snip its of the other campaigns but also elaborate just how strong a candidate he is.

     “Santorum says inflation is good”. This one …

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