We the People

     Trust, like respect isn’t given it is earned. Life has dealt
me enough hard lessons that trust doesn’t come easy for me anymore.  God of course beyond question, most others not so inclined. There is however one group that over the centuries has proven
themselves worthy of trust and respect as well, ok, not in comparison with God, but I’ll bet on them anytime, stand with them to the death. The American Conservatives. From an individual
standpoint they aren’t perfect by any means. As humans they too are flawed, but as a group, as a whole, you just can’t go wrong trusting in them.  Many focus on the Founding Fathers as
Libertarian. No one can discount the similarities, but without …

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How You Play the Game

     I learned a very valuable lesson in life, unfortunately very
late. Too late to change the past, but never too late for the future. Redemption never impossible they say, the future starts with today. Though some will hate to admit it, life isn’t just about
enjoying the moment or living from day to day. When your kids are in sports you say it isn’t whether you win or lose but how you play the game that counts. In life it’s different, winning is key,
but it’s how you “play the game” that determines if you truly win.  What does this have to do with politics you ask? Everything.

     Our country faces a crossroad. …

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The Wrong Paul Campaign

     Last week I wrote about Paul’s campaign and their
undermining of the caucuses (http://blog.pollardsmind.com/2012/03/14/pauli-ticks.aspx). Well,
Saturday Missouri had their caucus and instead of getting reports from the papers I got it first hand from dozens of people who were there. You can Google the stories if you like, a few papers
around the country ran them, but they don’t really do what happened justice. I’m kind of torn as well on how to tell it. I gave my word not to use these pages to rip any of the Republican
candidates. I try hard to be a man of my word, when you’re through reading you can let me know how I did. I apologize if you feel …

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Pauli ticks

     For the last several years our country has
been dominated by Socialist and Elitist that supposedly know what’s best for the rest of us. Us poor misguided folks who just aren’t smart enough to know what’s good for ourselves, meanwhile
they’ve damaged our country in epic proportions, doing more harm than many thought possible. Ignoring the will of the American people both disgusting and yes, even obscene, arrogant and obnoxious
in their rule, the new age Liberal Democrats continue to fight to destroy our great land so they can rebuild it in their image, not the Founding Fathers’.  America is sick of it, everyday you
see more and more evidence of it, this is our country, and we’re not …

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The Measure of a Man

     So why Santorum? I know, many of you have developed a vast
distrust of politicians, myself included. In all fairness most of them have earned that distrust. Most, not all.

     Most of us rely far too much on the mainstream media these days. Sound bites, talking points,
and innuendoes staged for our consumption, 24/7 news cycles that change views with the wind. Reporters so bent on getting their story in and on to the next one that the true story seldom is heard and
even when it is it’s not for days, weeks, months or sometimes even years later. Such is the story of politics as well. A candidate judged and sentenced by partial facts and raw statistics from

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Republican Newtrition

     I’ve been a Newt fan for years. The “Contract with America”
a masterpiece of politics at a time desperate for such. Arguably the biggest credit for Bill Clinton’s popularity and the economic successes of the 90’s belong to Newt. Even Clinton was smart
enough to realize this and jumped on board rather than fight it.

     That said, Mr. Speaker, the time has come for you to do the right thing once again for
America. While you have a list of long and admirable accomplishments you know as well as the rest of us you also have more than your share of baggage, you cannot, you will not win the nomination. If
you truly are the …

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Red Barn

     Most of the time you don’t need a long list of sources or
evidence if you have a little common sense. When you look at a red barn it’s plain and simple. The barn is red, you can see it, it’s there. You don’t need studies on the refraction of light, you
don’t need to call in experts to know it. It’s obvious and right in front of your face.

     Since 2008 the dollar has lost about 5% of its value, yet economist and Liberals would have
you believe that gas prices have more than doubled in that time due to the dollar. The math just doesn’t work out. More number fudging by the “experts” to …

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