Strange Bedfellows

     Before anyone accuses me of being a Paul fan I suggest you
read back a few columns and see some of my opinions on the Paul campaign. That said this blog might shock a few of my fellow Santorum supporters.

     Many across the country are advocating jumping on the Romney bandwagon, including many
Santorum supporters and former staff. If that time does come, it isn’t now. After the Republican National Convention we will all have to make our choices if Romney gets the nomination, but that is
yet to be determined. Several states still left to go with caucuses and primaries. Abandoning your principles now is like jumping ship before you even turn on the bilge pump. Holding fast

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The Vote of Their Life

     Several big primaries tomorrow, the main focus being on
Pennsylvania. Many of you sitting at home still undecided, not only on who to vote for, but whether to even bother.  Sad that thought even crosses some minds but unfortunately it happens far
too often. After the Missouri district caucuses this weekend I can’t say I blame you for considering it, there are plenty of reasons most people have just given up. Tired of being ignored, tired
of being taken for granted, tired of the lies, the corruption, deceptions, it is all too easy to just give up.

     In Missouri this weekend we tried to score another victory for the people, instead we got

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Game Still On

     How do you have a campaign without a
candidate? I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked that question these last few days.  The answers are pretty simple though, and you know me, I love simple. We have a candidate,
just not one actively participating, much like a modern day George Washington. He suspended his official campaign yes. He did not suspend ours. He also did not suspend his supporter’s belief in
him. Conservatives across this country rallied together to give him this support, true to our cause we are not going to abandon it. As a delegate for my county I was elected to represent the will
of the people. Their will being for …

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Our Vote Our Voice

     Yesterday I said something in my blog that
bothered me all day today, our choice is going to be Obama or Romney, get used to it. I saw many delegates resigning themselves to since Santorum dropped out and gave in they had to as well.
Talked to several, defeated and dejected accepting the fate the GOP was shoving down our throats. I went through all the thoughts myself, why waste my vote on a candidate not running, my protest
vote wouldn’t do any good. The powers that be had forced their decision upon us, what could we do? They were manipulating things so badly that even in North Dakota, where Romney got third, he
still got almost all the …

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Santorum Drops the Ball

     I’ve suffered an affliction I’ve seldom
experienced. It’s called speechless. Those of you who know me well probably have a hard time imagining that. As a county coordinator for Santorum I couldn’t even begin to add up the hours I’ve
spent working on the campaign, up to and including late last night. Today’s news kind of made last night’s blog pointless, as well as my efforts the last several months it seems. As a delegate at
both the District and State Caucus I now have a lot to consider.

      Definitely some time for reflection in order. We have the proof that things cannot be
changed with the way things currently are. …

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Paulicies and Procedures

     Bitter, angry, frustrated. Words a dear friend of mine used
to describe my last few post. You know what? I have to agree. It’s a problem we have as a species, sooner or later we all fall prey to our passions.  Sometimes it’s a good thing. It all
depends how we deal with it. We can sink to the level of our adversaries or we can take a step back, a deep breath, and think our way thru. I’m not ready to sink yet so let’s

     You see, I’m a “We the People” kind of guy. I’ll trust in Americans. We aren’t always right
first off but we get there eventually. …

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A Supreme Presidential Blunder

     I thought I heard somewhere that the President knew
something about Constitutional law. Apparently not so, perhaps someone should explain it to him. You see, Mr. President, there is supposed to be something called the “Balance of Powers”. We have a
Congress, a President, and then to keep schmucks like you in line we have a Supreme Court. I know, stinks doesn’t it. Believe it or not you just can’t do as you dang well please and dump all over
our Constitution. Stopping you and the Liberal Congress that passed the Health care fiasco is actually the Supreme Court’s job. Sorry you mouthed off at them in the State of the Union Address now?
Bozo. While we’re on this subject …

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