Lamented Passion

     There is a fine line between passion and
attitude. Some might call my views radical, some passionate, and some might say I have too much attitude. While I must admit the attitude creeps in occasionally I have to stick to passionate when
describing myself to others. It seems to be the one emotion Americans in general are lacking the most. We’ve become too eager to compromise, too eager to just get along.

     Passions drive us in many ways but mostly it is expressed by how strongly we feel on issues.
Radical, to me, is a word too often applied to those simply passionate in their beliefs. Is it radical to say babies should not be …

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All Gave Some, Some Gave All

    Sometimes we all think about giving up. Thought about it myself a
time or 2, especially in election years. The blatant lies told by some of our politicians, the manipulation of the voters, some of it just a game to some, or at least a business. I get asked a lot
why my passion for a seemingly hopeless battle. Why sacrifice time I could spend with friends and family to research, write, work on campaigns, and trying to bring reality, justice, common sense,
and God back into our government. I admit it sucks sometimes, and it does get frustrating, and occasionally I get a little peeved.  A great man told me not long ago I need to be careful,
sometimes …

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Those Magic Words

     A couple of hundred plus years ago the USA
was but a dream, a feeling, an urge, a desire felt by men for something more. Freedom, something never quite experienced before in the world of man, yet wanted with a passion. There was really no
worldwide movement coaching people along, no internet, no phones, just a yearning present in the hearts of men and women everywhere.

     Some historians tell us only 3% of the population took up arms, only about 20% of the
population supported them. I don’t believe that. The number crunchers miss looking behind the raw data. These men and women that pioneered America all came here for a reason, to better their

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The Look

     Have you ever hit a bully in the pit of the stomach, or
kicked a scumbag real hard in the area just below that? Wonderful feeling of satisfaction to see the look on their face when it happens. It’s priceless, the look is, that glassy eyed stare of
“what the heck just happened and boy does it hurt”, just kind of sticks with you too. One of those warm fuzzy moments that just can’t be replaced. Justice can be wonderful.

     I hear a lot of discontent among the people. Seems a lot of them have just given up. Sad
really, at the time we need “We the People” the most, motivation is at an all time …

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The Not So Civil War

     One Kansas town outlaws discrimination
against gays by churches, regardless of their religious teachings. Our states told by the Federal judges they can’t block Sharia law. Catholic churches told they can’t refuse adoptions to gay
couples and have to provide contraceptives even though both acts are against their religion. Our soldiers kept from placing crosses on their tents. National landmarks and cemeteries are having
religious symbols taken down.  These are just a few examples of how the war against Christians is shaping up. There are many others, but is it a war against us or all we just another casualty
in a bigger battle?

     Homeland Security buying millions of …

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Dare to Disagree

     Picture going to a ball game and your home team is down,
things look bad but there is still hope. You get to the seventh inning stretch, hop up, go grab a drink and a hot dog and you come back and the coach for your team is sitting on the visitor’s
bench waving the rest of the team over. They huddle for a minute then start congratulating the other team. Then the announcer comes on and declares the game over. Your team has conceded early and
decided to call it a day. Not only that but they’re going to close down the park and head out to help their rivals win their future games. Sorry to all the season ticket holders who spent

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A POLLish Revolution

     Lord knows I have not always been the best of Christians. There have been plenty of times I have stumbled, some quite
seriously. That’s the good thing about Christians, we recognize our short comings and keep trying, well most of us anyway.

     Since publishing my last 5 blogs I’ve been verbally
attacked and falsely accused more than a few times. It might surprise you to find out this is not coming from the Paul camp or the Newt group, it has come from within some arenas of “supposed”
Santorum people and of course Romney bandwagon boarders. They claim a vote for Santorum is wasted; they claim our …

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David and Goliath 2012

     There are a lot of ways to look at everything; take tomorrow’s meeting between Santorum and Romney for instance. Virtually every website and news service you
see has a view of what it is about and how it’s going to go. Even the statements from Santorum’s camp have been analyzed a few dozen different ways. That’s why I like just talking plain to folks,
it leads to small chance of a misunderstanding. Course there are different ways to talk plain to people too, you can be courteous and get your point across or you can be rude, hateful, and call
them stupid, but most people don’t respond real well to that. That’s the difference between being an …

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