My Country Tis of … Who?

     A lot has gone on since my last blog, I should probably be
writing more. My absence though not from becoming disengaged but rather the opposite, unlike many Americans I don’t feel the answer is to give up. Taking the fight for our country to the people on
a more 1-1 level before our state primary may take away from my writing but it has its advantages, there is nothing like hearing the pulse of our country through the veins of the

     Last week the Democrats launched one of the most brutal attacks on the average to date.
Announcing their battle plan to increase taxes on job creators and heating up …

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Guns Don’t Kill, Liberals Do

     Everybody is weighing in on the latest of the shooting spree
massacres. Both sides of the gun debate reiterating 30+ years of arguments on the pros and cons of an armed civilian population. I don’t do many columns on gun control; it’s one of those black and
white issues for me. I grew up on all the old catch phrases like “when guns are outlawed only outlaws have guns” and “they can have my gun when they pry my cold dead fingers from it”. I could cite
you all the stats about how violent crime has dropped in all the concealed carry states or I could apply to your sense of logic on how unarmed people get mowed down unable to defend themselves. I

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The Reluctant Hero

     History is full of heroes reluctant to answer the call. Some
might say that reluctance is part of what makes them heroes. They aren’t in it for money, or fame, or power. They are in it because someone needs to be, someone has to be, and they step up to the
cause out of the desire to do what’s right, their passion for the salvation of their country the driving force. It’s a rare trait but some are still capable, there are still a few good men and
women. George Washington was one such man. Today we face many of the same problems. Tyranny and oppression know no boundaries of time.

     As many …

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Let Freedom Ring

     Independence Day, and a truly special occasion it is. Or is
it? Is it all just an illusion that we flatter ourselves with, celebrating an event that has no semblance with the reality of our situation? Would our Founding Fathers be proud of what our country
has grown into, or ashamed of us all?

     We have perverted the basic fundamentals of every concept our country was created to express
and honor. Freedom, Liberty, Justice, all just words today with no special meaning, no heart behind them, no desire. Oh we pay them lip service, but the dream of our forefathers has diminished into a
tyranny of convenience. Obamacare, NDAA, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the …

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