The Painful Truth

     Sometimes my post come quick easy, driven by
the passion and love for my country, the desire to bring awareness to the wrong and harmful things affecting our country. Sometimes they take hours, days. That’s the problem with being committed
to printing the truth, sometimes the truth is just horrible and difficult to put into words. This is one such time, it is with a burdened and heavy heart that I post the

     Reality sucks at times; there is no way around it, especially when the reality is you’ve
lost. When we’re kids playing ball those losses meant a trip for ice cream and kind words. Not quite so easy …

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Compromising Reality

     We have watched Obama spit on our Constitution. We have
watched him destroy our economy, increase the price of everything, embrace Sharia, tolerate prejudice toward Christianity, play class warfare games, incite racial tensions, disrespecting
everything our country stands for. The list goes on and on. Ruling with executive orders and heavy handiness, pushing his will upon the people, anything to promote the death of the USA as we know
it. But we have hope. The Republicans are going to change all of that. We’re going to end his reign of America’s destruction. We’re going to do things different. Well, maybe, maybe

     We’ve watched the insanity called the primaries …

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Sticks and Stones

     In the last 24 hours I have been called a Socialist, looney
tune, Obama lover, fool, ignoramus, Paulie, and yes, I’m nuttier than squirrel poop. Why?

1)      Because I refuse to call Romney the nominee before the delegates at the convention decide who the nominee is.

2)      Because I want the delegates to hold out and nominate someone more Conservative


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The No Class Ruling Class

     One of the most important factors in a Democracy, or in this
case a Democratic Republic, is the right to vote. Without a doubt one of our most basic freedoms necessary for the expression of the masses’ will to our government. The elected official is
essentially the core of a democracy. Unless you live in the USA. Yep, you read it right, unless you live in the land of the, cough cough, free, the USA.

     Our entire election process this year has been undermined by the leadership GOP. Yes, they
are so confident about their candidate that they’ve violated all sense of fairness and justice in our elections. It has been one of the saddest representations …

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The Shout Heard Round the World

The following entry is dedicated to all the delegates of the Republican National
Convention. I ask that everyone who agrees please share on your social media pages before the convention and tag as many of the delegates as you know. Thank you.


     At the end of last May I was contacted by a wonderful lady, a Santorum supporter that like
many of us was not happy with the force fed choice of the GOP, Governor Romney. She asked me to write a letter to the delegates for her and some friends to send out, appealing to them to stand tall
and support Santorum. Even though he had suspended his campaign and eventually succumbed to …

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Conventional Wisdom

     As many of you know I’ve been one of the people fighting for
an open GOP convention but with it closing in the most predominant question I am getting these days is simply “So what happens at the convention?” Predicting the outcome is impossible and
I’ll get into why further down but the rest is pretty easy, we got a good preview of that at some of the state conventions. The delegates will be told to remember they are bound where applicable,
rule 38 which explicitly states otherwise won’t be mentioned. They will also be told they need to unify for the good of the party, that dissention will lead to an Obama victory, the fact that they
are there to …

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Limp Wristed Politics

     In yet another in a long list of moves by the GOP leadership
to spit on its Conservative base, the Log Cabin Republicans have been involved in the platform process for the Republican National Convention. Seriously? A LGBT group directly involved in the
Republican Platform? When Kevin Jennings, author of Queering Elementary Education and NAMBLA supporter was made the Safe School Czar by Obama (Check His Pockets for Candy) there was outrage to be sure yet it really surprised
many of us because this was something we have come to expect from the Liberals. Embracing and promoting the lifestyle of 3% of the population over that of the rest not unusual for them. Now

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Will the Real Conservatives Please Step Up

     Have you watched the political commercials? Kind of
sickening isn’t it? Have you seen one single Republican candidate not using the word “Conservative”? Many of the newbies are Conservative and Constitutionalist, and that’s great to have the influx
into the system, but even the worst of the RINOs are using the term. That should really count as fraud; I thought it was illegal to blatantly lie in advertising. Funny thing though, even the worst
of the candidates are smart enough to use the term to get them votes; they recognize the movement that is sweeping the country. Even Romney knows it which is why he picked Ryan, his attempt to
appease and pacify us. The GOP leadership just isn’t that …

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America’s Suicide

     Yesterday patriots lost a few more battles in our quest for
freedom, sadly it was a repetition of the past and a promise of what the future holds. Our country is on the verge of destruction. Not from foreign powers but as many of our forefathers predicted,
at the hands of our own citizenry.  

     Betrayed, that’s the only word to describe it. Not by corrupt officials, not by the elitist
in the establishment but by people we call friends and neighbors. The final numbers are not in at the time of this writing but 70 to 75% of Missouri voters found excuses not to be Americans
yesterday. “We the People” of Missouri were betrayed not …

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