The Republican Tactics Insuring Victory for Obama

     Six weeks and counting, the Republican
leaders’ strategy continues to work, for the Democrats. They would have you believe they support the Tea Party movement but again, just like they did in 2008, they are proving they really support
another group that has risen in power, the Liberals. Now many might wonder how I come to such an assumption, but if you’ve been following the election process since McCain, there really can’t be
any other conclusion.

     Core Republicans couldn’t imagine how the GOP could put a candidate up like McCain, so weak
his loss was almost definite and inevitably that was the result. You would think an intelligent organization would learn …

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Happy Birthday Constitution

     Today goes down in history as a celebration of one of the greatest occasions of all time, my birthday. Ok, just kidding, there
actually there is a far more important reason to celebrate, it too is a birthday. Today, our Founding Fathers gave birth to the foundation to the greatest nation in the history of the world, The
Constitution of the United States of America. I’ll spare you my usual wit and wisdom tonight for no words I could ever write would compare to this incredible document. I do have a birthday wish to
share though, I wish everyone would take the time to actually read this document and share it with every politician …

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The Final Countdown

     This used to be the land of the free. Things
have kind of changed now. Now we’re number 10 on the list of the free countries of the world, sad isn’t it?

     One of the most recognized privileges of freedom is the right to elect the officials that
represent us. When we don’t like the way our leaders perform we get to replace them with ones that will do better, but do we? Is not one of the greatest “sins” against a democracy tampering with an
election? Couldn’t happen in America, I mean we have laws against that, Federal laws.

     Cold harsh reality; either the Democrat or Republican …

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Business Sense for Political Nonsense

     After my last post (The Painful
) I received just a tad bit of flack. How could I after all the effort I put into stopping Romney’s nomination give in and say I was going to vote for him. Thought I had
explained my reasons fairly well but I guess not. A couple of things I left out, the thought process I used to reach my decision and my word. I know it may be an antiquated trait but I try to hold
to my word as much as humanly possible. I have said since the beginning of the campaign that as a Republican I would support who …

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