A Losing Proposition

     Ok, breaks over. Even the writers need a breather now and again. The
elections are looming and many issues are facing us, it’s time to get serious again.

     You would think our law makers would be getting the hint by now. We the People are more than
a little ticked, even more so because we’re being ignored, but nooooooo not this bunch of Representatives any more than the last. Oh they play the lip service game, acting like they care but then its
business as usual once they’re in. Sadly until their jobs are more like private sector jobs and it gets easier to fire them we’re just destined to lose as a nation.


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Puppy Dogs and Rainbows

     I hear occasionally that my post are too
negative and that I’d have more readers if I focused on things other than politics, folks just don’t want to face how bad things are. Well I look at that 2 ways, first being that they are not
negative at all, pointing out the problems are a path to positive transformation, I’m a cup half full kind of guy. Second,  I‘ve gone from  30-40 readers a day a few years ago to
anywhere from 300 to a couple of thousand a day now, with no paid advertising, just word of mouth. That makes me happy enough. But hey, for the sake of argument here you go, a cute puppy

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Fighting the No Win Scenario

     I have a few questions to ask you, don’t just breeze through
them. Take the time to close your eyes after each and imagine yourself in that situation.

     You’re driving, round a curve and there is an elderly man in one lane and a young child in
the other, no way to avoid them both, which do you hit, who do you kill?

     You’re in battle, enemy opening up on you, the only cover just big enough to protect half
your body, do you expose your head or your legs?

     Terrorist hold your family hostage, decide to send out …

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