Last Call for Peace

     A new year approaching, an election just
ended, and what do we have to show for it? The edge of the fiscal cliff grows weaker, the war on Christianity grows stronger, corruption is deeper and the list of crimes against our freedom by our
own government grows longer. In the old days our ancestors knew how to handle such things, these days our society has no such resolve, or passion.

     For 4 years we’ve been crying foul over the crimes against the American people by the
Liberals. I and many other Conservative bloggers have outlined them time and time again. This last election the people vowed to take a stand, committed to put an end …

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Tis the Season, Again

     Every year since 2002 I’ve published the
following in whole or in part, someday it might sink in. With the economy in the mess it’s in today and the country ready to split at the seams it perhaps means more this season than ever before.
Now before you even say it, this is not to be taken as agreement with the “Occupy” rabble. One thing I think almost all Americans can agree on, we are sick of corruption and greed destroying our
country. The difference is in the approach as to fixing it. Anyway, here it is, my take on the holiday season, enjoy:



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Curing a Fundamental Error

     Every now and then we get a pleasant surprise
in life. There are a few good people left out there willing to go above and beyond to do the right thing. Surprisingly a couple of them are even lawyers. Yeh, I know, hard to believe, but it’s
true. One such person is a man I’m proud to call friend, Torm Howse.

     This particular man has a vision way too seldom found in our country, America as it is
supposed to be. I say seldom because as the election results prove, there are far too few people today that really appreciate what our Founding Fathers attempted to contrive for our nation. Torm,
with supporters from …

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The Little Things in Life

     Last Friday you went to a football game, watching your son
play a sport of his choosing, for a public school, not a government required military academy. Your daughter cheered on the sidelines supporting the team. No one made her. There was no machine gun
toting military personnel at the event.

     Last Tuesday millions of Americans voted, choosing the laws that their government will be
allowed to enforce. They did so freely. No government agents waited at the polls to intimidate or stop the process.

     Yesterday you drove your car to work. You drove on a major highway without going through any
government checkpoints. …

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Voting Backwards

     Every election marks the potential of a new beginning, what
a sad concept. I mean seriously is that what we actually need? I’ve spared the rants the last few days, knowing how most people are just sick of the political hub bub and to be honest, what is the
use? Today will not change the most important problems we face no matter who wins. Oh, we might see some economic recovery under Romney, and Obama has got to go at all cost, that much is true, but
the fundamental problems our nation faces will not be solved today.

     I hate to rain on the parade the day of the election but another “new …

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     Those of us who aren’t Liberals/Socialists have been able to
find plenty of reasons to bash our “President” the last 4 years. Our Congress since 2007 has pretty much managed to destroy our economy with their Liberal policies as well. Obama promised change
that would make it all better. Virtually every promise has turned out to be a lie; virtually every truth he told during his 2008 campaign, i.e. doubling energy prices, has turned out to be just
that, truth, no matter how much they tried to convince us that we didn’t understand his words. The great art of political speak, convince everyone the truths are lies and the lies are truths. This
isn’t about the economy however, this is …

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