Reason for the Season

     Over the years I’ve found more than a few ways to say Merry Christmas. The following is a bit of

     There is one day that brings us together. It unites us
in love, sharing, happiness, and joy. Even the worse off among us usually find a different feeling in their heart if only for that one day. It’s not New Years, or Easter, Thanksgiving, or even the
Fourth of July. It’s Christmas, the day we celebrate Christ our Savior being born. While the other holidays bring family and friends together only one has that certain magic to it, …

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Gun Control, the Solution

     In my last piece Gun Free Zones, the
New Killing Fields
I touched upon
not just more arguments against gun control, but the solution to so many mass murders in our country. Common sense and simplicity can cure this
problem just as easily as it cures others.

     Over and over throughout the years I’ve pointed out how ridiculous gun control laws are, they
don’t work, have never worked, and yet we as a nation keep desperately turning to them for solutions in our hours of grief after a shooting. I have never been able to understand the idiocy of making

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Gun Free Zones, the New Killing Fields

     Violence has plagued humanity throughout time. Before the
invention of guns the weapons of choice were rocks, clubs, arrows, swords, and spears. Millions died by these weapons. Those bent on violence will find a way and a weapon; sadly it is the way of

     After the recent shootings the usual “gun law” arguments have all flared up, the Left willing
to exploit any chance to advance their cause. When logic fails them they have no other choice than to play on sympathy. Violence fine and justified when it serves their purposes but Heaven forbid a
person should be able to defend themself.

     Twenty …

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Let the Healing Begin

     So Boehner has decided to declare a search
and destroy mission on Conservative Republicans, guess that’s one way to destroy the competition. I have a bit of a different take on this than a lot of folks though, I’m glad he’s doing it. By
removing the Conservatives from the committees he doing far more good than all of us Conservative bloggers combined. He’s taking a few more steps to fully disclose himself to the American

     You’ll remember the high handed tactics the GOP evoked during the last primary and
convention, our cause grew by leaps and bounds as many Conservatives realized they had been had. Millions of Americans finally saw …

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Those Cowardly Christians

     I touched upon a topic my last blog Last Call for Peace that needs some expansion. Over the years I’ve had my share of rants.
I’ve ranted on the Liberals for the insane things they have done, the Democrats for allowing them to take over their party, the Republicans, the RINOs, the Jihadist, the illegals, pretty much
every one that’s harmed our country. There is one group I’ve mildly chided from time to time but pretty much spared the rants, not any more, let the hate mail begin, but careful, you had better
think it through first.

     Not one to mince words let’s just get it …

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