Those Cowardly Christians

     I touched upon a topic in my last blog Last Call for Peace that needs some expansion. Over the years I’ve had my share of rants. I’ve ranted on the Liberals for the insane things they have done, the Democrats for allowing them to take over their party, the Republicans, the RINOs, the Jihadist, the illegals, pretty much every one that’s harmed our country. There is one group I’ve mildly chided from time to time but pretty much spared the rants, not any more, let the hate mail begin, but careful, you had better think it through first.

     Not one to mince words let’s just get it out there, perhaps the worst group for America right now is … the Christians. That’s right; I said it, the Christians. Not all of us, but a huge part, enough to severely damage our country, and the numbers are growing. Let the anger fill your heart and your head over those words and then decide if your part of the problem before you pop a gasket.

     God has told us we will be persecuted for our beliefs and to be ready for it. Some of us so faithful they’ve lost their heads rather than close their mouths, others, far too many others, have taken the coward’s way out. Rather than stand by their beliefs and face the persecution they’ve bowed their heads and hidden their eyes, biting their tongue. Done it myself before and yes I’m sorry for it. All too often we’ve taken the cowards way out and look at the shape of the world because of it. The anti God crowd doesn’t have that problem, they’ve pushed and shoved until they’ve gotten their way on just about everything and it will continue to worsen until we realize that God probably isn’t too happy with us right now and it’s time we fixed it.

     There are problems with every religion out there, this isn’t about denomination, in fact infighting among us is a large part of our demise. It doesn’t matter if you are Catholic, Baptist, or Methodist, Pentacostal or any of the other denominations out there, what matters is that we all share our belief in God and Christ and that we stop letting the world walk all over us because of it. The Founding Fathers got that, they even put freedom OF religion in our Constitution, not freedom from, freedom OF. They stood loud and proud and declared that our rights are granted us by our Creator, not man. They realized that only a moral government could properly serve the people, one that strives to be virtuous. They knew that like people it would stumble from time to time which is why they developed the system of checks and balances, but they knew the effort to be just could only be modeled based on God’s Word. Isn’t that what makes Christians so special, not that we’re perfect, we are far from it, but that when we do screw up we feel remorse, a desire to improve, a yearning to get back on a righteous path? We can’t say that anymore can we? Nowadays we let the 2% of the population’s immoral gays dictate our actions and behavior. We let the atheist tell us what we can say and where. We let the Muslims tell our Christian society how we can behave. Well, to Hell with that. To Hell with the PC talk and cowardly behavior.

     It’s time Christians realize that by condoning these things, by not standing up for their rights that they are spreading the destruction of society as fast as any God hating group out there. The cowardly Christians are the problem. When we fail to stand up for what’s right, when we fail to attempt to stop the demoralization of America, when we hide like cowards from controversy then we are just as guilty of America’s destruction as those who destroy it. We are the problem for tolerating their behavior. We spread the society’s abandonment of God by refusing to stand up for His values.

     The proof is everywhere you look, our cities, our schools, our workplaces, our elections, it’s everywhere. Immoral and decadent behavior rule the day. It’s not “the economy stupid”. Our fear has caused the destruction of our economy. Those that practice evil, greed and corruption, mismanagement of our trust, disdain for our rights, all caused by Christians and our tolerance. The breakdown of our land reflects the breakdown of our faith.

     God tells us the meek shall inherit the earth. I get that. Jesus preached Love, turning the other cheek, and forgiveness, I get that too. God told David to conquer his fear and slay Goliath as well. Jesus did not tell his Disciples to leave their swords at home. God gave us a backbone, a brain, a moral conscience, and a mouth. Stop being a coward and use them or take your cowardly butts to the closets.

     Learn it, live it, use it or kiss America and all it’s supposed to stand for goodbye. You can be the problem or you can stand for the Solution. It’s your choice.

     The people shown below made their choice and look at what happens, others join in, the haters not to be heard, applause for their courage in their faith , wow, what a concept …



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  • 12/2/2012 12:35 PM Eric M wrote:
    Thanks Terry,

    Brought tears to my eyes, too.
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  • 12/2/2012 2:30 PM Torm H wrote:
    Yes, as Ecclesiastes teaches, there is a time for this and a time for that...
    Living out Faith through the life of a Joseph type (victimized, yet trusting in the Lord to use it all for greatness) is just as important to understand, as is the fearless, conquering and victorious life of Joshua, who flinched not even for a second in direct fighting for the Lord.
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  • 12/2/2012 7:48 PM Lesia wrote:
    Wow. I guess my comment on your previous blog wasn't as far out there as I thought😜
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  • 12/2/2012 9:19 PM Lesia wrote:
    I just don't see Joseph as a victim. He allowed God--yes, I said allowed--to place him where he would rise to greatness. And he did. That's a choice. That's what God expects--making reasoned choices. Reasoned choices based upon our faith. No victims. God very smartly poses quandaries. He knows who answers what call.
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