Let the Healing Begin

     So Boehner has decided to declare a search and destroy mission on Conservative Republicans, guess that’s one way to eliminate the competition. I have a bit of a different take on this than a lot of folks though, I’m glad he’s doing it. By removing the Conservatives from the committees he doing far more good than all of us Conservative bloggers combined. He’s taking a few more steps to fully disclose himself to the American public.

     You’ll remember the high handed tactics the GOP evoked during the last primary and convention, our cause grew by leaps and bounds as many Conservatives realized they had been had. Millions of Americans finally saw with their own eyes just how little the GOP cared for their thoughts. This move by Boehner and the elitist Republican guard will have the same affect.

     The GOP seems to think that the Conservatives will bow down like the Christians and take it. They are also convinced with 2 more years in the bag we’ll forget what they have done to us by the next election. Let them, the more they isolate us, the more they degrade their own position. By the time the next election rolls around the Republicans won’t have many of us left behind them, the Liberals and the fence straddlers already have the Dems to follow.

     The 2 party system is something we are stuck with for now, like it or not. While I admire several of the candidates for the Constitution Party, America's Party, and Libertarian Party, they are in fact just kind of whizzing in the wind. Our country, the Conservative cause, needs help now, not in 10 years. The masses are going to vote “party”, it's all they've known for generations. We need those quality candidates from the splinter parties in the Republican Party to save our country, not on the sidelines preaching to the choir. The choir isn’t going to win the majority of the vote. With the GOP disenfranchising Conservatives they are opening the door for our revolution, our opportunity to take over, our path to the survival of our nation.

     The United States is at a crossroads, the GOP has chosen the direction they prefer and it’s the wrong path. Over the next year they will “moderate” to the point of no difference between themselves and the Democrats. That’s when we can make our move. By the end of 2013 our country will be facing a clear choice, us or them. That’s when we make the difference apparent, that’s when we offer a choice the masses will be receptive to, and that’s when we regain control of our party. The elitist leaders of the GOP will be faced with 2 choices, embrace us or lose all power. They won’t risk losing their power.

     For the next 2 years we’re forced to live with our mistakes of this last election cycle. We were naïve, we thought we could win in a fair battle, only the battle was fixed from the beginning. We can spend the next 2 years whining about what they do to us or we can spend it preparing for the next battle. We need to regroup, we need to educate and spread the word. We need to plan our takeover, pick our candidates, and prepare for the battle ahead. While we’re at it we can look at the GOP in good humor, thanking them for providing us the opportunity to win. As they continue to cater to their erroneous whims we will continue to unite. As they continue on their foolish path we will continue on the path to victory. As they continue to join hands with the Liberals, we will continue to spread the ideals of our Forefathers.

     There is another choice, you can surrender. You can give up your guns, give up the right to raise your kids the way you wish, give up your personal freedoms, become a part of the New World Order, and denounce your God. You can live free and die an American or become a Socialist and live in oppression.

     The Conservative body is bent and broken, each part acting on its own with no unity. It’s your choice, heal the internal bleeding in our party or bleed out one part at a time.



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  • 12/8/2012 8:14 PM Eric M wrote:

    We weren't sleeping, were we?

    Great post Terry... no complaints about that.

    Just being stupid now.

    Do we have any volunteers to subvert the Russians and Muslim brotherhood?.

    Get into their schools, get into their media, send them Constitutionalist educational cartoons for the teachers to show in the classroom. Get teachers into their grade, middle, and high schools and colleges.

    We need DINO's in office as well as solid constitutionalist in the Republican party.

    Anyone who gets into office will have to be very tough skinned. There'll be a 22 Trillion dollar deficit and a 2 trillion dollar annual budget deficit.

    No matter what anyone does to fix that problem will anger a lot of people. Many on the government dole will "lose". No one likes that.

    Face it, if someone was passing out $100 bills, would you refuse it? How would you feel if the giver took it back?

    Back in the Revolution, only 5% of the population participated in it. The means we need an "army" of 15 million well coordinated "soldiers" to win our country back.

    Return the strategy of diversion?

    What I'm saying is.. there's a very tough job to do and someone is going to have to do it.

    It took over 100 years of patient strategy to get our country into the mess it is in right now.

    It may very well take 200 years to get our country back on solid ground.

    I always say,"What goes around, comes around."

    Terry was gentle in this post. Many out there are getting to think not so gentle.
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