Gun Free Zones, the New Killing Fields

     Violence has plagued humanity throughout time. Before the invention of guns the weapons of choice were rocks, clubs, arrows, swords, and spears. Millions died by these weapons. Those bent on violence will find a way and a weapon; sadly it is the way of humanity.

     After the recent shootings the usual “gun law” arguments have all flared up, the Left willing to exploit any chance to advance their cause. When logic fails them they have no other choice than to play on sympathy. Violence fine and justified when it serves their purposes but Heaven forbid a person should be able to defend themself.

     Twenty children dead, that’s a hard thing to swallow. Almost as sad is many of them would still be alive if the school officials would have been armed and trained to defend themselves and the kids. Sad we will trust them to shape our kids lives, develop them, guide them, but not protect them. “Gun Free Zones” creating a shooting gallery for the sick and twisted. Had he not taken his own life I dare say many of those same Liberals would be fighting to save him from the death penalty, further proof of their own irrational thinking. We'll protect the killer but not our children, that's just nuts.

     I’ve written many pieces on gun control. The arguments hashed and rehashed countless times throughout the years. One thing that cannot be argued is the simple fact that the top 10 most violent areas of the country all have extremely strict gun laws. The Left just can’t seem to understand that criminals don’t obey the laws.

     The most basic freedom is the right to live. Twenty children lost that freedom. Those that wish to limit that freedom by taking away our ability to protect ourselves almost as guilty as the shooter. They provided him with the opportunity and the means.

     Violence will not stop by eliminating guns. The harsh reality of the world is that evil exist, and always will. No amount of law will stop that. It’s the way it was, the way it is, and the way it will always be. Our only hope is to minimize it by teaching love and virtues, guiding the upbringing of society with morals and values, and when all else fails, shoot the ******** before they shoot any more kids.

     There can’t be police on every corner, in every building, at every home. Those that kill don’t need guns, McVeigh used fertilizer. Truth be told every law abiding citizen could all go armed and there would still be nut jobs finding a way to kill. But, send a few straight to Hell in a blaze of gunfire from their proposed victims and just watch how seldom it begins to happen. Check the crime stats for Kennesaw, Georgia.

     Gun control solves none of these problems, but gun possession can sure be a large part of the cure.



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  • 12/15/2012 8:40 PM Eric M wrote:
    I agree with you whole heartedly Terry.

    And assault weapons should be allowed. Any weapon that will help you defend yourself.

    It's not like the old western movies. The weapons available today are much more sophisticated and we need to be able to compete in the civilian arms race.

    It's sad to even think this way, but it's true.

    Most arms bearing citizens have to be registered. Criminals never register.

    Most honest arms bearing citizens have pistols and hunting rifles.

    Criminals and nuts would use nukes if they could get them.

    They could shut down all the arms factories in the world, and the criminals would make them just like they made alcohol during the prohibition.

    Evil comes in many creative ways.

    Underground bunker time.
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  • 12/17/2012 9:32 PM Lesia wrote:

    Of course I agree with you. I have several firearms myself. All just as Eric says--pistols for self defense and hunting rifles. I am angered by the media & agenda to whip the public into a misinformed outrage. Bushmaster AR-15. Wrong, nominally at least. All the descriptions of "military style", "para military", "assault weapons"...all misnomers & misinformation intended to whip up even more public outrage.

    But the facts don't seem so simple in the face of the slaughter of innocents. Not to me at least. Of my 8 firearms, 5 are semi-auto, ostensibly just like that AR clone. Put a different skin on the clone and it is not nearly as threatening. Most people would not rail about it because they are misinformed about weaponry. Different skin, but as deadly? No semi auto I have or even combination of could have done the same destruction in the same amount of time. That clone has its uses. The skin has much to do with that. its not just skin. the design of the weapon along with the caliber of the weapon make it perfect for what it is. But I have to ask if the misuse is worth it's use. Maybe as responsible gun owners it is time to wake up to the fact that advancing technology is contributing to the severity of the evil that abounds.

    My third defense gun is a simple, stock Ruger 10-22 with a couple 30 round clips. Minimal power but lots of accuracy rounds. Deadly. Add a bit more power & you have an AR. A perfect killing machine when in that situation.

    I don't have an answer. All I have is questions. How could the slaughter of babies been prevented?

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