Gun Control, the Solution

     In my last piece Gun Free Zones, the New Killing Fields I touched upon not just more arguments against gun control, but the solution to so many mass murders in our country. Common sense and simplicity can cure this problem just as easily as it cures others.

     Over and over throughout the years I’ve pointed out how ridiculous gun control laws are, they don’t work, have never worked, and yet we as a nation keep desperately turning to them for solutions in our hours of grief after a shooting. I have never been able to understand the idiocy of making gun free zones in order to stop massacres that occur in gun free zones. It’s like trying to stop drunk driving by giving a drunk the keys to your car.

     I’ve heard the conspiracy theories, all this to promote the Liberal anti gun agenda. Perhaps those aren’t so farfetched. The government has been known to promote the killing of innocents on more than one occasion to promote their agendas. As Rosie said “Gulf of Tonkin, Google it” (maybe the only smart thing she ever said) and with Operation Fast and Furious we know the Liberals will give guns to madmen to kill civilians just to push their policies. The Liberals have also encouraged the deaths of over 50 million children since the passage of Roe vs. Wade, Is it such a stretch to believe they would sacrifice 20 more for their cause? Gun free zones are just that, encouragement for nuts to kill, to establish more of them, to take away our ability to defend ourselves and our children, just more encouragement. The intellect of anyone who believes that outlawing guns will stop these heinous murders is questionable to say the least. Driving drunk illegal, still happens, meth and heroin illegal, still on the streets, prohibition didn’t eliminate alcohol; the list goes on and on. It all goes back to my favorite point, they are either really stupid, or they are doing it all on purpose. They aren’t stupid. Put me on any TV or radio show with a gun control nut and I’ll eat their lunch, the facts and figures make it pretty easy even for this hick country boy. I don’t care how many degrees they have.

     All this is mute though if we don’t have a plan to combat their ignorance or their intentions. Today I’m offering that plan, and its fool proof. All it needs is a few of you lawyers that read these words to act, or a few of you with the money to hire some lawyers. To beat businesses and politicians you have to hit them where they live. You have to attack the one thing they care about more than anything else, money. You have to make it financial suicide for them to resist. Boycotts have very little affect. They are almost impossible to sustain long term and have only limited effect. Lawsuits quite different however. You don’t even have to win a lawsuit to cost a company or a cause enough money to change its mind. Look at what the atheist have done to the schools just with threats in many cases.

     It is the responsibility of every business, school, organization etc to provide for the reasonable safety of its patrons. Ask any retail company how much money it loses each year to slip and falls, and not just in actual damages either, legal expenses and perceived damages cost companies millions. So much so that virtually every company has “safety” as a predominant focus. When a business puts a policy into place that takes away your right to defend yourself they are endangering your life. They are also taking on the obligation to protect you and your families. “No Gun” businesses are putting you into a killing field. They are statistically raising your chance of being shot. They are depriving you of your most basic right to defend yourself and denying you your Second Amendment right. Sue them. Sue the schools, sue the movie theaters, sue the big box stores and the malls, sue the politicians that vote for such laws, sue them all for endangering your life. Force them to either allow you to legally protect yourself and your family or go to the expense of hiring armed security to protect you.

     The Feds will offer up more Gestapo like tactics from Homeland Security and the TSA. We’ve seen the ineffectiveness of both. We only have to look at our Constitution for the answer, Allow us to protect ourselves and our families. Faced with huge financial losses politicians and businesses alike will quickly yield and we can once again return to a society that is not dominated by fear. Use the Liberals’ own tactics against them and sue their butts off.

     We only have to look south to Mexico to see how useless gun control is. We just have to decide whether we want to live in a police state ruled by fear or hold up our heads as Americans and defend ourselves. Legally armed customers and armed employees or free reign for the nuts to kill, which do you prefer?

     The solution isn’t gun control, it’s Liberal control.


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