Reason for the Season

     Over the years I’ve found more than a few ways to say Merry Christmas. The following is a bit of each:

     There is one day that brings us together. It unites us in love, sharing, happiness, and joy. Even the worse off among us usually find a different feeling in their heart if only for that one day. It’s not New Years, or Easter, Thanksgiving, or even the Fourth of July. It’s Christmas, the day we celebrate Christ our Savior being born. While the other holidays bring family and friends together only one has that certain magic to it, that special something that fills the air and can touch the heart of the worst Scrooge. It’s the Love of our God manifesting itself in almost everyone, if only for a day. The horrors of shopping have passed, the labors of the cooking, the painstaking task of decorating, all gone for a day. The time of Joy is here. No more hustle and bustle, just happiness and a natural kind of love that relaxes and comforts even the hardened soul.

     It has always amazed me that on one day you can even hear an atheist say Merry Christmas. You might see them cringe afterword when they realize what they’ve done, but it finds a way to slip out. It almost can’t be helped. It has become a holiday that is recognized and celebrated around the world by many people that don’t even share the Christian faith. Caught up in the spirit, it becomes contagious, spreading good will throughout the land, if only for a day everyone just seems to be a little kinder. How many times have you heard even the most questionable of characters say “not on Christmas” to harsh words or actions?

     I know, Christ wasn’t born on December 25. I know, it has become commercialized to the point of being nauseating at times. I know, we even use some very “unreligious” practices in the celebration. I know, there is evil that will persist no matter what the day. Satan is out there too, spreading evil wherever he can. But for one day the huge majority of the world can find happiness, and for that we are all blessed.

     Millions of Christians around the world use today to celebrate the birth of Christ. Millions of others use it as an opportunity to attack us and try to diminish our faith. I’ve heard that if it weren’t for Christians millions of people wouldn’t have died and technology would be hundreds of years more advanced. I always thought that ideal to be the same as racism. Seriously, quite the opposite is true. America began the industrial revolution, the space age, and yes, I believe Silicon Valley is in the US. America is a Christian country founded by Christians, on Christian morals and beliefs. Millions have been fed by America, and millions freed from oppression, millions saved by our generosity. Christian charities help millions more throughout the world. Don’t forget, if it wasn’t for our American servicemen and women millions more throughout the world would be living under the rule of fear and oppression. May God help them stay safe today and everyday.

     To my family, my friends, and my readers I hope and pray you all have a Merry Christmas. To the enemies of peace and love I hope and pray God touches your heart today and that He makes His presence known to you every day after. Thank you so much for the joy you bring to my heart.

     Thank you everyone for the support you have given me this year. I look forward to next year and continuing the bond we share. Please just remember the “reason for the season” and try to let Him touch your hearts everyday like you allow Him to today. Remember the greatness God gave us with the birth of Christ. Remember the reasons we say MERRY CHRISTMAS and may God Bless you all.



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