Give Me Liberty or Give Me … Sarcasm

     “Give me Liberty or give me death”, one of the most powerful
quotes in our country’s history and rightfully so. Sadly so few in our nation realize its meaning. Every day I read dozens of stories, see dozens of cool pictures, all depicting the quest for
freedom. Each time though I have to ask myself, do they really mean it?

     Should our country engage in another revolution we have to face the truth, over the years we
the American people have caused the death of our nation, our children, our grandchildren. We have compromised our freedom away. We have tolerated the traitors to our nation using our very freedoms
they detest against us. We have permitted …

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It’s Not About Guns

     Amazing after the last 6 years of Democrat and Rhino rule
we’ve finally found what gets Americans off their complacent butts. Not unconscionable spending, not corrupt politicians, not obviously fixed, phony elections, not millions of abortions, not
catering to enemies of our country, not embracing Sharia law, not moral decadence, not lawlessness in our cities, not unconstitutional laws like TSA groping, not even the bashing of our nations
religion could get much more than a fizzle out of our nations people.

     I’ll grant you we are a diverse nation, full of many religions, cultures, and a wide variety
of beliefs. It’s hard to get people to agree on anything in an overwhelming …

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Another Presidential Blunder

     Alas, I thought maybe after a few days we could get by the
baseless gun debate. Thanks Joe and Barack, or is it Barry, for bursting my bubble. You know we might start with a few simple standards for this discussion, rules of engagement if you will. One
being don’t ask others to fully disclose their personal information if you won’t disclose your own Barry. Another being if you can’t buy a gun without a background check you shouldn’t be able to
hold a public office or make laws concerning background checks if you won’t allow one on yourself. How about the old do unto others clause, if you won’t walk the streets without armed protection
then what gives you …

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Gun Control, Reality or Myth?

     I hate to dwell on an issue, but since the
fiscal cliff and economic situation in the country is such a joke it’s kind of hard to take any of it seriously, much less discuss it intelligently. Our money and our assets are already firmly in
the hands of the world dictators, and no I don’t mean puppets like Obama, he is just a preschooler compared to the real power the banks yield. Our battle with them is for another day, we must
first win the battle for our country’s self preservation, then we can take on the big dogs.

     When I first began discussing the Liberals desire for a civil war …

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Have an Unhappy New Year

     This year I’m going slightly against the grain with my New Year’s
post. Surprise, surprise. Last year for New Years I made some pledges for 2012 (New Year Same
) that while trying hard to accomplish I fell a little short on. This year I’m going to carry those forward with a new level of intensity.

     2012, while successful at a personal level for some, was one of our worse years from a
national perspective. This was the year that many realized America died. Arguably it happened over the course of time but this was the year it was thrown in our face blatantly, defiantly, and without
fear of reprisal. The atrocities of 2012 …

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     2012 was an eye opening year in more than a
few ways, some good and some not so. It gave me great pride to see the site’s readership grow so greatly. Moving from about 70,000 readers at the end of 2011 to 180,000 now was definitely an
accomplishment I wasn’t expecting. I hope to see you all stick around for 2013. I think you’ll be pleased with the direction the blogs will be going, well unless you’re a

     For several years now publishing the year’s top 10 has been a tradition for
Being an election year it isn’t surprising that the countdown contains several election orientated post and of …

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