Have an Unhappy New Year

     This year I’m going slightly against the grain with my New Year’s post. Surprise, surprise.  Last year for New Years I made some pledges for 2012 (New Year Same Problems) that while trying hard to accomplish I fell a little short on. This year I’m going to carry those forward with a new level of intensity.

     2012, while successful at a personal level for some, was one of our worse years from a national perspective. This was the year that many realized America died. Arguably it happened over the course of time but this was the year it was thrown in our face blatantly, defiantly, and without fear of reprisal. The atrocities of 2012 would take days to list but here are just a few.

  1. The war on Christians expanded to levels of persecution.
  2. Islam and Sharia law now the rule in several communities, its horrific crimes against humanity now embraced and protected by our officials.
  3. Countless deaths now attributed to the Fast and Furious scandal, all at the hands of our own government, all for an agenda against its people.
  4. The Benghazi massacre and cover up, again in the interest of an agenda against America and Christians worldwide.
  5. Massacre after massacre popping up across the nation at the hands of psychos that obey no law, much less gun laws. Almost as bad the manipulation by our government to utilize the death of children to promote the rise of a police state, creating the acceptance of such at an early age rather than simply promoting self reliance and self defense.
  6. Our “free” elections, stolen from us by both parties. The ensuing power grab by the elite a bold slap in the face of America.
  7. The expansion of the EPA allowing it unregulated to destroy our energy industry, forcing us to be further dependent on our enemies.
  8. The Department of Homeland Security and TSA expansion to virtually any public venue they see fit, a direct assault on our personal liberties.
  9. The squelching of the First Amendment thru Lord knows how many laws.
  10. The attacks on the Second Amendment with our children their weapon of choice.
  11. The completion of dozens of “detainment camps” throughout our nation, and the enactment of laws in our land to allow citizen detainment without trial.
  12. The military practicing the takeover of our cities through numerous maneuvers.
  13. The intentional perpetuation of the depression, driving our nation further and further into financial destruction. The Socialistic agenda promotion far more important than the hardships they are forcing people to endure.
  14. The expansion of class warfare by the Liberals, while they just get richer and richer.

      There are dozens more such examples both bigger and smaller to add to this list but the point is all the same, we are at war. America is on the verge of destruction and while millions of us have awakened, far more are asleep at the wheel.

     I get told occasionally I need to be a happier person. We’re all brainwashed everyday to “don’t worry, be happy”. That’s just not going to be my way this year. True there are those moments when a smile can be shed, the times when the moment warrants it like those cute first by the grandbabies, but all in all these are times that beg to seriousness, to forcing ourselves to address matters of national importance.

     Can you imagine how happy our Fore Fathers were at Valley Forge? They, unlike the blind masses of today, realized the burden they faced. They realized the importance of liberty, freedom, justice and the sacrifice necessary to attain all three. They gave up years of their lives for future happiness, knowing the bitter discomfort they faced would be worth it in the end. They put the lives of the generations to follow over their own personal comfort. They were Patriots in every essence of the word. They were Americans. Think about that next time you want to whine about the inconvenience of politics. You think you're sick of it, just imagine how they felt.

     In the weeks and months ahead I’ll continue to elaborate more on many of the issues we face. I imagine more than a few times I’ll be told to lighten up, to be happy. To that I say simply this, my smiles are inside at the thought of what our victory will bring our children and our grandchildren. I may laugh at a moment but I will not spend my days in La La land, blind to the importance of the task at hand. I will be fighting the ongoing war for stupid little things like Truth, Justice and the American way and I will be somber and unrelenting in the task at hand. That’s my New Year’s Resolution. That is where I stand. It is in that spirit and with all seriousness I ask you join the fight, to grow up and look around you, to open your eyes and see the battle we face. As a Conservative I will no longer tolerate blind stupidity or the anti- American agenda of the Liberals. It’s “in your face” time for them as far as I’m concerned, and with no apologies. No more will I turn the other cheek, now I’m sticking it out, daring them to slap it.

     For the sake of your children, for the sake of your grandchildren, be a patriot, be an American, and have an Unhappy New Year.



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  • 1/1/2013 7:08 PM jeff w wrote:
    Thanks for standing up.
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  • 1/2/2013 10:21 PM James M wrote:
    You and your readers are idiots that shouldn't be allowed to even vote.
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    1. 1/2/2013 11:14 PM Harold wrote:
      Typical liberal comment. Luckily, for now, you still have the freedom to express your opinion. Your president will take care of that before much longer.
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    2. 2/11/2013 7:02 PM Eric M wrote:
      WHY? Can you elaborate?
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  • 1/6/2013 5:07 PM Eric wrote:
    All of the liberal nonsense is the artifact of Woodrow Wilson's institution of the Federal Reserve and central banks.
    This whole concept of "central banks" is what the Revolution was all about.


    Benjamin Franklin had it right. Back in those days they printed "Fiat" money not backed by anything except the declared value associated with current supply/demand costs. The "government" (i.e. representatives) monitored the economy and used those metrics to assure proper pricing for services/goods provided.

    This system worked!!! and the U.S. prospered like no other time in history.

    Then came central banks (England) and the power elite took control of every country using them.

    The problem is that every dollar has a debt attached to it. The money supply is controlled by this built in debt.

    Did you know that the FED can call in all debts anytime it wants? If citizen you cannot pay, all your property is confiscated with potential prison time?

    It's time to question the "banks" about this enslavement process and time to throw the bums in jail.
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