Sequester 101

     Math, apparently our Harvard professor king doesn’t
understand it very well. The newest crisis to distract us from Benghazi, gun control,  the millions spent on Obama’s bi-monthly vacations, and the countless other ridiculous actions of our
current administration, is the horrible Sequester. People are going to starve, benefits cut, elderly will die, on and on the list grows daily. The world will end if we have to make these forced
cuts according to the Liberals.

     85 Billion, that’s what we’re talking about here. 85 Billion, that’s less than 1 tenth of
what the government found to spend on just one of the bank and Wall Street bailouts. Yes the government can find …

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The Walking Dead

     America was founded for a multitude of reasons. People were tired of being told how to practice their religion, and what to believe. They were tired of a king dictating the daily matters of their lives, taking the fruits of their labors, leaving them in poverty while he and his select few lived in luxury. To make matters worse the king expected us to watch our families starve, legally unable to even hunt to feed them without his permission. Continue reading The Walking Dead

God Bless Saturday Night Live

     I’ve written more than a few times about the war on
Christians and more than a few on how the Christians have failed to react. This newest assault has gone way over the line and as usual the White House is strangely (yes that’s sarcasm)

     Last September our embassy in Benghazi was attacked, our Ambassador and others murdered, all
while our government did nothing. In fact it has been recently revealed that Obama, after learning of the imminent assault went and took a nap before flying off to a campaign rally in Vegas. I guess
ordering their rescue would have taken too much out of him. Takes so much time and trouble to pick …

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We Don’t Need No Stinking Trials, We Got Drones

     Last week NBC published a story that most
people missed and fewer still noticed the importance of. Our King Obama now has the power to order the assassination of American citizens based on the opinions of himself or someone he appoints
that they may be a threat to America, specifically if they are members of a foreign terrorist group on foreign soil. Well, they say specifically, more than a few government officials haven’t been
so sure about the specifics.

     The obvious next step is going to come easy for them, once a criminal becomes too much 
threat here in the states they will label him a “domestic terrorist” and out will …

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Cheap Christians

     With all
the horrible things happening in our country the topic of conversation on several of my friends Facebook pages this week and even a few news cast I’ve seen and read has been how cheap, stingy, and
demeaning to restaurant workers Christians are … really? I’ve “unfriended” four today, seven this week, and yes you can be sure I put my 2 cents in first.

     If I was going to pick out one insult for Christians today it would have to be for not
standing up more for themselves, but then again “turning the other cheek” isn’t something I’d be comfortable insulting anyone for. Who am I to second guess Jesus? …

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