How Conservatives Killed the USA pt 2

     Cracks me up the number of emails I got from my last post
written by pompous egomaniacs convinced it was directed solely at them. When I wrote How Conservatives Killed the USA I was making a point I thought was pretty clear however it seems some people are more interested in promoting their own recognition than
they are being true patriots. Folks this isn’t about you or me, this is about us, our nation and what we are going to lose if we don’t put our own self interest on the back burner. Truth is though
the more they try to grab the limelight the more they place themselves in the shadows, just ask John McCain.

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How Conservatives Killed the USA

     How long is it going to take Conservatives to realize and
admit the Liberals are smarter than we are? Ok, maybe not in everyday common sense matters like gun control and debt, but they continually kick our butts in overall strategy and winning the
political game. While we fight and bicker amongst ourselves they have spent the last century plus eating away at our way of life little by little, patiently destroying us piece by piece until we
now have the mess we call America today.

     Liberals figured out long ago that unification is the key to control and they have it down to
an art. Gays and Muslims for example by …

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Yesterday’s Alamo

     Two aspects of America that have never been rivaled is our
resolve and determination. It is not that we are tougher than the rest of the world, or better fighters with more talent, it is that we won’t stop, we won’t give up, we insist as a nation that
right is done and wrong will not be tolerated, well we use to anyway.  Here lately that’s been a little foggy.

     It is fitting though that yesterday on the 177th anniversary of the Alamo several of our
Senators led by Rand Paul decided to grow a set. Will they have the same resolve and determination of our heroes so many years ago?


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When Humanity Dies

     There are times I get mad at the news, times I rant, times I
sit back shaking my head in disgust. Sometimes though a story hits me so hard it becomes hard to describe the reaction. Anger? No, far too mild a word,  enraged is probably closer, determined
and resolved would be next in line. I want you to listen to something, listen close:


     Did you feel it? Did it really sink in? Think of the person you love and care about most in
the world, the person you live for, the person you would die for. Think of that  person, imagine they are in someone else’s care for a moment, …

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