Facing Our Darkest Hour

Back in the days of our nation’s Founders the English army had a habit of knocking on doors in mass and demanding to search a citizen’s home. Kind of ticked the colonist off to the point of making warrantless searches a major no-no in our Constitution. Something about sitting in your home doing nothing wrong and at a whim under the guise of “national security” being forced out in the yard with a gun in your face just didn’t set right with folks. Imagine that. Continue reading Facing Our Darkest Hour

The Idea of More Security is Blown

     Before I go into
tonight’s rant let me give my deepest condolences to those injured and their families who suffered in the cowardly attack in Boston. May God touch each and every one of you with His

     Sadly no amount of laws or police state tactics can stop such
tragedies. Like it or not they are a part of life, always have been, always will be. You just can’t legislate evil off the face of the earth. Strange thing though, while many cite reasons and
evidence that this could be another “false flag” operation, I have to say I doubt that, or if it was it was the most poorly planned …

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Liberal Blessings

     Believe it or not there
are a couple of pluses to the liberal agenda and the new anti gun laws, as well as many other of the laws enacted over the last few years. The American Dream evolved from the founding principles
of our country. Freedom back then wasn’t just a word, it was its own entity, an emotion, a dynamic so strong it led to people traveling thousands of miles across oceans, traveling for months
across wilderness, just to experience it. Risking everything, even their lives just for a chance to experience it. Better than any high and even more appealing to some than life itself. Nobody had
to tell them what oppression was like. No …

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Drums of War

     As North Korea continues its saber rattling I’m forced to ponder a few questions. Sadly the old days of just
deciding the right or wrong of being involved in a conflict are long gone. Now we have so many other issues to consider besides moral dilemma.

     Is this just more of the same garbage we’ve seen for over 50 years? One small little man trying to make the
world notice him so he feels impressive?

     Is this another of the terrorist states plots to distract us from what his buddies are doing? Is North Korea
simply trying to distract us from an Iranian play?

     Is it really happening at …

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