A Memorial Day Tear

     Memorial Day weekend, three days of laughter, food, friends,
family, the Summer kickoff. That’s all it seems that most people think of this weekend, but not me.

     When you look at our flag flapping in the wind what do you see? What do you feel? Do you see a piece of cloth
flapping in the wind, or a symbol of what our country is supposed to be? Do you feel a need to party for being at a gathering on a holiday weekend or do you feel what it means to be an

     When I look at that flag, when I think of this weekend I can’t help but have tears come to …

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What the Hell America

     I’ve watched over the years as different Presidents have had their lies and
scandals dealt with. Good or bad in the way they are handled there is at least that commonality, they are dealt with one way or another. Let’s start with Nixon, forced to resign, impeached. Ford
and Carter lost their re-election bids due to incompetence. Reagan’s scandals? Dealt with, people demoted, fired, just look at the treatment given to Ollie North back then. Bush Sr.? Lost his
re-election bid for a one line lie “Read my lips, no new taxes”. Even Clinton was impeached and his positions forced to alter on numerous issues. Only his about face to embrace a Conservative
Congress saved him. Bush Jr. was marginalized to a …

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Neocon, Paulbot, Patriot, or All Just Fools

     I’m one of those people it seems
that is caught in no man’s land. I am a Republican, have been most of my adult life. I found out early on in most states I would have no voice in the primaries as an independent or third party
supporter so I got off the fence and picked a side. Regardless of the dreamers perception of reality it is that for now, a two party system. Since the majority of racist and Liberals are Democrats
it makes more since for me to fight on the Republican side, even though I often disagree with the leaders positions. Truth be told I seldom find myself at odds with the majority of the party

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The Wall

     Fast and Furious gave the Mexican drug cartels well over a thousand guns which have been used to kill
God knows how many innocent people. The true facts have been covered up for over four years from Congressional investigators and the public. The Benghazi massacre, seven and a half  months
ago, again the truth hidden in another cover up. The Newtown massacre just over four  months ago, the story changed so many times we’ll probably never know what really happened. The Boston
Marathon bombing still fluid, “facts” changing daily.

     Whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not you would have to be blind not to see the pattern. No, this isn’t
all new either, Kennedy assassination ring a …

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