The 4th of July, a Celebration of Family and Friends, Not Freedom

     I haven’t written in a while. No, I haven’t been on vacation, too many of
life’s challenges for that. The reason is deeper, darker, and not a very happy one. To be quite honest most of the readers here are like minded so it’s a little like preaching to the choir. I
guess you could say I haven’t written out of disgust. Not at the patriots who love their country but at the vast majority of the masses that walk around almost insanely stupefied over what has
happened to our nation.

     Anyone who knows me at all, for that matter anyone who has ever read more than one of my post would almost have
to be …

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Private Lessons

     So Obama says if we can’t trust him and his administration we’re
going to have problems. Well guess what dirt bag, we have problems. Personally I’ve had trust issues with this administration since Obama was campaigning. If his speeches of lies weren’t enough we
should have woke up when he put a NAMBLA supporter in charge of school safety. Numerous Communist and Socialist appointments might ought to have been a good clue too, but hey he promised change
didn’t he. I’ve listed hundreds of reasons this guy was the worst thing for our country for years now. Thousands of other Conservatives have been decrying his everyday practices as well but while
so many believe, so many know, so few are willing …

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Conspiracy or Fact

     For years different Conservative groups have claimed unfair
treatment by the IRS. They were laughed at, accused of “sour grapes”, called conspiracy theorist. Yet now their claims have credence as an intentional targeting scandal has been revealed. Now the
breaking of another such scandal as it’s revealed the FDA played favorites with the Liberals, surprise, surprise.

     The gun enthusiast have been called every name in the book as they claim the Obama administration has been
stooping to a new low on many occasions to steal our guns away. Fast and Furious fiasco has been all about shedding a bad light on guns and used by this administration to promote their anti gun
agenda. What’s a few innocent deaths …

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