We All Bleed Red

     Anyone else besides me sick of all this made up racist crap?
Those of us no longer wet behind the ears remember what real racism looks like, this isn’t it. Today’s racial tension isn’t from upbringing, it’s manufactured with intent. Idiots like Jackson and
Sharpton, and yes Obama, make their livings from hate. They advance their agendas by spreading mistrust and racial tension. So what is to be accomplished by the continued dispersal of their false

     If the race baiters were genuinely concerned with race relations their objectives would be solving the inherent
problems that plague minority communities. Instead they fill their speeches with hateful rhetoric with no practical solutions. No mention of crime rates, …

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The Trayvon Tragedy

     Let’s see if I can appreciate properly the gravity of this whole
Trayvon  Martin killing. A 29 year old neighborhood watch volunteer is being tried for killing a 17 year old troubled youth that was trying to use a sidewalk to cave in his skull. The Liberal
take is a 29 yr old white wannabee cop kills a black child for wearing a hoody at night. No, no race baiting there. Let’s look at a few things. First, the media puts the racist spin on the
killing, later apologizing for altering the evidence. Of course by then the damage had been done, few caught the apology, fewer still understood the significance. Zimmerman is described as a white
man by the Liberal …

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