My Inner Kinison

     There are several different levels of reprimand. Those of us
that have children and grandchildren are well aware of the cookie jar voice and warning not to spoil dinner. There is also the sarcastic, almost humorous ridicule, my personal favorite. Then there
is the intelligent explanation where you sit down and explain the facts of the matter. The stern discussion is used a lot, like when your boss calls you into the office to discuss a mistake. There
is one other method that should always be the last resort, rest his soul, there is the Sam Kinison approach.

     America believe it or not is still after all these years faced with a diminishment of our Second …

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The Tragedy of 9-11

     Twelve years ago hearts stopped across America. Official losses near 3000 but
in reality our whole nation died a little that day. The loss of life sad to the extreme for those families of the fallen, and not to lessen that impact but there was another loss, a loss we didn’t
realize for years. Our most precious commodity began to enter extinction at an accelerated rate. Freedom lost, the American dream lost, that once great desire more powerful than anything was
defeated and replaced by fear.

     Remember how we all watched in horror as innocent people died before our eyes, in ways more horrific than most
could imagine? Remember the heroes that gave their lives rescuing …

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But Syriasly Folks

     I had this car once, my favorite of all time. It was a 69 Firebird convertible,
400 cu in, 400 HP, 4 speed on the floor. I probably paid for several police cars with the tickets, but it was my beast and she holds a special place in my heart. Then the tide began to turn, she
was getting old, outdated, in constant need of parts and repairs, and of course between the tickets and the gas, too expensive to operate. the day came and I had to give in and let her go. She was
no longer worth the price.

     Our current Fool in Chief’s foreign policy reminds me a lot of my old Firebird. He …

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