Why Hunt Ducks?

     This may surprise a few of you but I support A&E’s right to
fire Phil Robertson. Not the decision to do so, but the right.Free country, their network, their decision. They have a right to pick and choose the beliefs they want to support, kinda like a
bakery can decide not to cater a gay wedding … oops … well maybe not. Face it Christians, we are now the new minority in the USA, even though we are the majority. This is going to give me a
headache I can tell already.

     So Mr. Phil gets asked about sin in an interview and he has the guts to answer honestly and though paraphrased,
according to …

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Another Terrorist Gone, See ya Mandela

     Well another great man in history has passed. Nelson Mandela is gone. May his
accomplishments hold a place in time never to be forgotten. Ok, that’s BS and I can’t even type it without shaking my head, I wonder how our media can run that crap and call it

     You know I understand how some people hate to disparage the dead. Seems like no matter what a person has done
the spin to make him a good man starts almost as soon as the heart stops. Sadly the media seems more concerned about his color than his accomplishments, I mean seriously, what if a white man had done
these things. Mandela was a Marxist/Communist. He hated capitalism, calling …

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